How to help us with a sketch/Image!

  Djohn 02:48 27 Jul 2004

You know those times when it's much easier to help someone with a sketch or image rather than words! Well you can.

1) Take the image from your PC or do a sketch/ diagram and scan it into your PC. Save it as a jpeg with a name to your desktop.

2) go to this site click here and use the browse button to find the saved image on your desktop, click on the saved file, it will appear in the browse window then click on the upload button.

3) the sketch/diagram will appear on the site with a URL above it.

4) Drag your cursor over the URL to highlight it and choose copy. Close the web-page down and return to the message box in PCA forum.

5) Paste the URL into the message box, it will appear as a link when posted. The person you are trying to help will then click on the link and see your sketch or image. Hope this is of some help on those occasions when your stuck for words.

  Gaz 25 02:50 27 Jul 2004

;-) Thanks for the tip!

  Chegs ® 03:50 27 Jul 2004
  Chegs ® 03:56 27 Jul 2004

click here

Which I quickly uploaded to my server,instead of using Djohn's link. :-)

  ianeon 04:49 27 Jul 2004

How do I make a "sketch" on my computer?
I've often thought about it - but never been able to work out how to make one - Thank you - Ian

  jack 08:59 27 Jul 2004

How do I make a "sketch" on my computer? I've often thought about it - but never been able to work out how to make one - Thank you - Ian

There are a thousand and one draw/art programs
Windoze has one built in.
They can be a bit of a hand full to manipulatwith a mouse- though some fold manage with a graphic tablet and pen tool.

Top my mind nothing 'PC' has got the better of an old Atari program called 'Arabesque'
but I digress

PCA [our maggi] gave one such program away on a cover disk in 1999 I think Called Draw 3
but there are lots more and free

For me draw it on papaer and scan it is by far the best way.

  Pesala 09:35 27 Jul 2004

Whatever you do, please ignore this advice at click here "In the Save as type field, select .bmp, .gif, or .jpg." GIF is OK, JPG is not too bad, but bmp is a bad mistake.

Don't use Windows Paint either, use Irfan View or another program that can save as PNG or GIF.

The two bitmaps on that page are 438 Kbytes and 459 Kbytes. The same pictures as PNG are just 10K click here and 13K click here

Screen shots saved as JPG images are not very sharp unless you save them at high quality, which of course also makes them much larger. At a quality of 75, the above images as JPG are 21K and 24K, and still much less sharp than PNG or GIF images. Gifs are only 17K and 19K, but have only 256 colours.

  Pesala 09:44 27 Jul 2004

It is free from click here and has some surpisingly powerful features like the ability to make animated GIF images. You can paste a screen grab, and add text or lines to it, then export as PNG, JPG, or WMF - whichever suits the drawing best.

  Djohn 10:23 27 Jul 2004

To do a sketch , just do a drawing with pen or pencil and scan into the PC. Give it a name and save to the desktop, use the "Save-as" command.

Windows paint is also very good for basic sketches and easy to use. You can upload to the site I mention in my first post, its very quick to upload and the image is fine.

If you want to grab a screen shot then bring up on screen the diagram/image or photo you want to upload, hit the Print screen key on your keyboard, this will take an image of what you see. Open paint or any other image program and either use File/Edit paste or a right click of your mouse, choose paste.

The image will be fine saved as a jpeg example of my desktop in the link below. click here

  Salinger 10:30 27 Jul 2004

Just saving, for future reference!

  Al94 10:33 27 Jul 2004

wow - nice one Djohn - can't believe I never knew that!!!

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