How hard is it to flash

  Holographic_man 16:39 01 Apr 2003

I am running XP home and it seems my bios is a little old and needs upgrading

I have two options, one to buy a bios chip that my board will take as it is a Abit or to flash.

I would really like to flash, but is it worth it as a Bois chip is £40 have many of you done it and would you recomend it?

  goonerbill 19:43 01 Apr 2003

flashing ya bios is not hard. if ya look at the abit web site click here it tells ya how to do it.

  Terrahawk 19:51 01 Apr 2003

firstly ask yourself do you really need to flash your bios the old addage if it aint broke dont fix it springs to mind. if you decide you do need to click here

  Megatyte 19:54 01 Apr 2003

Any particular reason why you need an upgrade? If not then don't bother.


  Megatyte 19:55 01 Apr 2003


  Holographic_man 08:00 02 Apr 2003

With in xp home a apci fault and pc freezes have been told to replace bios as it is old and out of date

  Megatyte 12:15 02 Apr 2003

If your BIOS is that old XP problems are more likely to be a CPU issue. I believe XP requires P3 or equivalent(or higher).


  Holographic_man 13:49 02 Apr 2003

I have a AMD Thunderbird 850 Athlon 80GB and a 40gb HDD 512 ram 128 VGA card I think this should be enough

  Holographic_man 14:47 02 Apr 2003

I have tried to flash but have errors like, Souce file not found, the programs files part number does not match with your system,. So I have decided to buy a bios chip for £37. it maybe a chickens way out but I have done it now. Thanks anyway folks.

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