How good is the Windows Firewall?

  Cybermaxx 22:17 04 Mar 2004

Is the Windows Firewall good enough? Compared with free/commercial firewalls does it do a good job of protecting your PC?

I was running McAfee Firewall before. It actually came free on a magazine coverdisc. It worked okay, but when I uninstalled it (don't ask why!) and then re-installed it, it won't work. Every time I start it, it asks me to to re-start my PC in order to use it! So, all I have at the moment is the Windows firewall.....

  User-312386 22:19 04 Mar 2004

dont like the windows firewall even under XPSP2

use one of the freebies, either sygate or zonealarm

  soy 22:24 04 Mar 2004

Windows firewall only protects you when something from the web attempts to hack you on a basic level. It doesn't protect you from thing thats already in your system, sending information out. i.e Spyware.

Basically it only protects you from things going IN your PC.

If you want protection from things going OUT of your PC, I would recommend any of the free firewalls available. Sygate is very good.

click here

  romanab 22:29 04 Mar 2004

Windows firewall doesn't yet block outgoing traffic which means any trogans/spyware which manage to get on your pc can connect out to thier masters every time you connect to the internet which,obviously is not ideal.Best to follow madboys advice and get yourself a third party firewall

  Cybermaxx 22:33 04 Mar 2004

Thanks to all. I'll get Sygate and Zone Alarm and try them both out. I thought McAfee was good, and if I see another "free" version on a coverdisc, I might go for it.

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