How "good" is Google Chrome?

  Diemmess 09:42 20 Mar 2011

Downloaded but not installed and the icon tempts me.

I'm happy with XP Pro BT Yahoo mail and the rest of [to me] a familiar setup including IE 8.

What am I missing if I don't install Google Chrome?


If I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall or must I use the faithful Acronis?

  morddwyd 09:51 20 Mar 2011

If you're happy with IE why change?

Chrome is my browser of choice and as been since the beta.

It's slicker, thinner and faster than anything else I've used.

I can't compare it with IE in any of its later incarnations since I've not used it since the 90s.

  The Kestrel 09:52 20 Mar 2011

I have been using Chrome as my main browser for many months now and would not change back to Firefox, which I used previously. The main reason is that it is so much quicker loading pages than either Firefox or IE8. To date I have had no security issues using Chrome, or any other issues to make me uninstall it.

  Ian in Northampton 11:02 20 Mar 2011

I've never regretted moving from IE to Chrome. IE 8 is required to be the default browser at work, and I'm always struck by how clunky and slow it is by comparison with Chrome, which I use at home. I'd recommend trying it out: it's easy enough to uninstall should you wish to go back.

  Batch 11:23 20 Mar 2011

- Chrome is very fast in comparison with IE7/8 (much less so with IE9 - but that's not available on XP). It loads much more quickly, it is much quicker at rendering pages and switches between tabs quickly.

- Minimalist approach to use of screen estate (with no need to addin the likes of Google Toolbar that I had with IE as it's all built in)

- Flash player is bundled in and updates automatically often well before the main release of a Flash update (as is the case with the current highly critical Flash issue - Chrome updated a couple of days ago, whereas Adobe won't be releasing downloads for the likes of IE for another few days yet).

- Integrated PDF reader.

- Very few options (and I mean very few) for the user to set / play with (unlike IE, Opera etc.).

- Updates itself automatically (checks every hour)

- Updates itself automatically - some really don't like this. But it seems to work well.

- Bookmarks (aka favorites) is piss-poor. It's too long a list to go into here right now. It's like Google have just tacked on a cursory nod to the need to have bookmarks. You can add-in extensions (e.g. from third parties). I use Neat Bookmarks which improves matters a lot. Note that bookmarks in Chrome are stored in a single file (unlike IE's separate file for each link) and so IE / Chrome can't share the same set dynamically (which is a pain). But if Chrome is set as the default browser, clicking on link files will launch in to Chrome.

Having said all that, I use Chrome. I tried Opera (just recently) as well (good bookmarks there), but its compatibility issues with many mainstream sites made it a no-no.

  Diemmess 12:07 20 Mar 2011

Having read all the pros, cons, and experiences I'm almost ashamed to admit that "I am happy with what I have and will stay as I am for the present."
I've some serious stuff to be done in the next week or two and now is not a good time to rock the boat and have to learn something new however gently.

I half-read an article in Saturday's DT (Technology) on Google's intention to launch its own OS this summer ..... "Can Google smash Windows?" ... in fact nothing as simple as a change of Internet access.

  Batch 14:33 20 Mar 2011

The main reason I tried Chrome (and Opera) in the first place was for my 10" netbook (1.6Ghz Atom). When travelling it becomes my main means of Internet access and I found IE just far too slow (especially when multiple tabs used and all downloading at the same time) and taking up much too much of the screen.

By comparison, Chrome and Opera were both a breath of fresh air. Having plumped for Chrome (over Opera) I then wanted to stick to the same browser on my 3 PCs and so now use it on my 3Ghz P4 desktop, 1.73Ghz Centrino lappie and the netbook, that's in spite of the bookmarks issues I've already mentioned.

BTW Opera has a plethora of possible settings - possibly more so than even IE.

  BT 17:08 20 Mar 2011

I run both Google Chrome and IE7 side by side. They don't interfere with each other and so I can choose which to use.

  Forum Editor 17:40 20 Mar 2011

It's been that way ever since it launched, and for me, at the moment, there's no good reason to change.

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