how good is autohotkey?

  maltose 09:49 23 Jun 2009

I want to use hot keys for a number of tasks e.g. inputting email addresses and user names. Does any one have experience of autohotkey?

  Taff™ 11:04 23 Jun 2009

I use it with Outlook (Office 2002) and Vista to re-enter my passwords which Vista kindly forgets on a reboot. It works very well once you have set it up in the first place.

  maltose 14:23 23 Jun 2009

thanks Taff™ but are you saying that setting it up is a pain?

  Taff™ 07:25 24 Jun 2009

You need to read the instructions quite carefully and then try it. It took me three or four goes to get the hang of it. It is actually quite simple. The recording of the mouse clicks is the key - because the program records the actual screen position when you click you make you must be very accurate when you select a menu item for example.

If I remember correctly the other stage was optimising the recording for which there was a simple button to click. Are you trying to do exactly what I did?

  maltose 09:03 24 Jun 2009

Once again thank you Taff™ I suspect I am looking at a sledgehammer nut situation. All I want to do is input repetitive text with hot keys. Simple macro as in Excel. From what you write Autohotkeys is OTT

  Jim_F 15:24 24 Jun 2009

Autohotkey can be as simple or as complicated as you like - in its simplest form this 2-line script (the comments preceded with ; are not needed)inserts a phrase into the current application. Its worth heading over to click here as support for this language is plentiful.

Just save as example.ahk and choose 'run with autohotkey' - once autohotkey is installed of course.

;Keep it running


;generate text from hotkey

*F12::Send We're only in it for the money

;Just right click on the H in the resident programs menu to exit

  maltose 15:47 24 Jun 2009

Ok guys Thanks for all your help. I will give it a whirl.

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