How good are these new usb modems

  geewis357 23:12 19 May 2008

Hi Guys,
For over 30 years I have been over a barel when it comes to BT and have been ****** off with them on many occasion but there is nothing you can do about it because you need it for comunication and for your BB. In our house we all have mobiles and I would like dearly to give BT the finger and have it riped out by the roots, but I would like to consider the alternatives first. At my current location I could gat a 3g conection at @ 2mg/s at that I would be happy cos at the mo I can only get bb at 500 kb/s, I would like to keep a conventional pop mail and the use of voip.
can anybody shed any lighton this regarding reliability of this new technology.


  Ashrich 23:23 19 May 2008

When in a good signal area they do work reasonably well , although don't be fooled by the quoted speeds , like broadband they do get over hyped . Another thing to remember is that even at the most expensive monthly cost that is laughingly called " unlimited " you only get 3gb per month and that is uploading and downloading , so you will still be ripped off whichever way you look .


  geewis357 23:42 19 May 2008

Many thanks for your reply Ashrich, the thing is pritty soon tere will be a price war if it takes off, I think bt will be the looser as how they have treated customers in the past. If these gadgets do what it says on the tin we could see a revolution. do they suport conventional e-mail pop3 & smtp ?

  Ashrich 09:45 20 May 2008

Yes , they just about support everything that a conventional BT line does , not sure about VOIP , but a quick Google would tell you , it's just the enormous cost , especially if you go over the 3GB limit . I set one up for a friend of mine with a Pop3 Googlemail account and she loves it , but you must be in an excellent area for 3g otherwise it is as slow as dial up . Don't forget this is uploading as well as downloading for the 3GB limit , so there is very little leeway for not even a lightish user .


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