How to give an image a transparent background?

  stlucia 11:09 27 Sep 2010

Sorry guys, it's me again! I posted the question here click here a short while back, and checked it as resolved because I thought I'd solved my problem

But I hadn't: Even though I created an image which I thought had a transparent background, and placed it into a test Pagemaker document to check it, it turns out the background isn't transparent when I place it again :-(

So, any advice please on how to give an existing image a transparent background? The software I've used to do it in the past is Irfanview, and at the suggestion of one of the contributors to the original thread, I've also now got I've also got CorelDraw, but can't figure how to do it with that, either.

In Irfanview I've been saving the image as a .gif file, and selecting the transparent background by clicking on it while saving. With I've used the magic wand to select the background, then dragged the background off the page before saving the file.

  dogbreath1 11:19 27 Sep 2010

I use 'Gimp' to remove the background from an image. It's a free download from click here

There are a number of ways to achieve what you ask. One method involves removal of the background colour and a second needs you to 'draw' round the area to be removed.

The first method is explained here: click here

The second method is explained here: click here

  dogbreath1 11:21 27 Sep 2010

I think the resulting images need to be saved as .png files for the 'transparency' to be retained.

  hssutton 11:53 27 Sep 2010

Here's a tutorial for making a transparent Gif in I use a different method, but then I use Photoshop.

click here

  MAJ 12:23 27 Sep 2010

Whenever I wanted to create a transparent gif (many years ago now) I used, but it now seems to be discontinued, so try click here instead, it does what Gifworks used to do, including adding transparency.

  stlucia 19:56 27 Sep 2010

Well, I don't know what's going on.

I've followed the tutorial for -- the only difference from what I was doing before was to set the magic wand's tolerance to 0%. I still get the white background when I place the resulting .gif file onto a page in Pagemaker.

I've then downloaded Gimp and followed it's tutorial, but the same result.

I've tried saving as .gif and .png from both programs, with same result.

Finally I tried the Online Image Editor, with the same result.

I'm beginning to think it might be something to do with my Pagemaker settings, but I can't think what, for the document I'm placing the image into already contains another image with transparent background which I created a few years ago, which behaves as it should.

  lotvic 11:06 28 Sep 2010

correct link click here to previous thread for 'How to give an image a transparent background'

stlucia: I'm having a play with this one trying different ways. Got as far as finding a readymade .gif that works how you want it to, but am unable yet to make one of my own...
Maybe a workaround would be to edit a readymade one?

  stlucia 19:24 28 Sep 2010

Thanks lotvic. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that can't make it work.

I've just tried, using, opening an existing .gif which has transparent background, deleting the content using the magic wand, and then importing the logo I want, and deleting its background. But all I get is a black background when I save it.

  lotvic 20:21 28 Sep 2010

What I did was find a .gif for a web button (because it is a circle) I found some on my pc's harddrive.
I made a Word document and filled it with some other pictures .jpgs and text then I inserted the web button.gif to make sure it worked as you wanted. Tested it in amongst the text and on the .jpg's to ensure only the button showed on top - as you wanted it to be.
Then I made a copy of the webbutton.gif, renamed it and opened it in my old Paint Shop Pro and then using the 'magic wand' I selected the background, inverted the selection and removed the button and pasted in a slightly larger circular selection copied from another picture (it was a .jpg picture)
Then I saved the result(.gif) and closed it. Went back to my Word Doc and inserted new .gif
Text and existing .jpg's ignored the grey background and only the circle bit showed. Text wrapped round the circle. I could overlap .jpg's with the circle pic and no sign of the rectangle background.

Note: On opening the webbutton.gif in PPpro I found it was acutally a rectangle of grey and a red circular button.
When I removed the button I was left with rectangle of grey with a white circle in it.

I was unable to determine anymore info about the .gif so had no luck reproducing one from scratch.

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