How to give an image a transparent background?

  stlucia 21:11 20 Sep 2010

I've got a club logo as a .bmp file. I want its white background to be transparent so that it won't obscure other detail when I place the logo in a publication.

I've managed it before, using Irfanview, but I can't get it to work now. The process I've been trying is open the image in Irfanview, then save it as a GIF file with "Save interlaced" and "Save transparent color" checked. I've tried choosing the transparent color while saving, and Setting transparency value to palette entry 0, but in every case the saved logo still has a white background.

  wolfie3000 07:15 21 Sep 2010

can be done in seconds with,

click here

Load the image into the program then using the magic wand tool select the parts you want taken out,
then click on the arrow tool and move the part u don't want off the picture,

Repeat until you have what you want.

When using the magic wand tool you may have to adjust it a little, try for around 50%

save as a PNG file.

Or if u wish i could do it for you just post the pic on here.

  stlucia 07:40 21 Sep 2010

Those are exactly the steps I followed, Lazarus. The only difference between your example and mine is that my background that I'm trying to make transparent is originally white.

I've tried decreasing the colour depth of the original image to 8 colours, and changing the white to a solid colour before creating the GIF file, but to no avail.

Thanks for the offer, wolfie. I'll try if I can't get Irfanview to do the job. But it sounds more fiddly than Irfanview -- at least with Irfanview you only have to click on one spot to make all of that colour transparent.

  wolfie3000 09:45 21 Sep 2010

It really isnt that fiddly with,
Takes seconds to do i find.

  MAJ 09:58 21 Sep 2010

be aware that the transparent nature of the logo wont be apparent in Explorer. Have you tried the logo in the publication yet to see if it still blocks the other detail?

  stlucia 19:24 21 Sep 2010

Yes, MAJ, I've checked it each time in a Pagemaker publication, and the white background blocks other detail.

  stlucia 08:52 22 Sep 2010

I've installed, and I see what you mean about the magic wand tool. My logo is a circular one, so one click on the background outside the circle highlights all of the background.

But what do I do next? With the background selected, I've then clicked on Edit > Cut, and the background has changed to a chequered pattern. But when I then save the image, the background is still there blocking other images when I import it into Pagemaker.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  lotvic 13:05 22 Sep 2010

Not got Pagemaker but am guessing you will have some sort of 'Arrange' menu and need to select logo and 'Send to back' or something along those lines.

(similar to what I to do in Word so that the text wraps round pic but shows through the transparent background - there are various options)
Might not have explained that too well but hope you can make sense of it.

  stlucia 19:02 22 Sep 2010

The "Send to back" feature causes the whole logo to be obscured by the foreground text and/or images. The logo needs to be at the front -- but without its surrounding rectangle of white paper.

  john bunyan 19:25 22 Sep 2010

I dont know about your software, but in Photoshop, I would open the image into which you want to import the logo, then also open the logo inage (with the white background, select the white with the magic wand, then select "inverse" (ie the logo). Then "edit/ copy" or just copy. Then go to the new file and "edit/paste" or "paste" (importing the "bare" logo). not sure if you then auto create a layer so you can shift the logo as you could in PS. When finished merge the layers. Sorry if this is not available in your programme!

  stlucia 20:21 22 Sep 2010

Sorry, Wolfie300, I wasn't following your instructions to the letter. After selecting with the magic wand I was trying to delete or cut the selected area. When I dragged it off the page instead, as you instructed, I then got what I wanted.

Thanks a lot.

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