How to get work emails at home

  justjill 19:49 07 Feb 2007

My husband is going to be taking paternity leave in a couple of weeks and would like to be able to bring his laptop home and access his work email account using our home internet connection. What's the simplest way to do this?

In case it's relevant, at work all the computers act as their own POP3 email servers (ie there is no central server) and, to my knowledge, they aren't connected to anything except the internet at work.

He does have Outlook installed on the laptop but it doesn't work so he uses Outlook Express for his email account, just in case that's relevant too. (He would get that sorted out but his employers have no IT people so it would involve phoning Dell which he's reluctant to do as we've had little joy getting sense out of anyone at Dell regarding our home PC.)

We realise he could just set up his laptop to forward all work emails to his home account but I assume this would require the laptop to be left at work and switched on (as it's the email server) and he is reluctant to do that. Also, he would like to be able to reply to emails that need attention directly from his work email account.

Not sure if that made any sense but your help would be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:56 07 Feb 2007

If it is as simple as you outline, there will be no problems.

He simply needs to know the pop3 server, the username and the password.

He can connect to the net at home with either a dialup connection or if you have broadband at home the laptop can be connected to it.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:57 07 Feb 2007

Actually, if he will use the work laptop at home he doesn't even need to know the server details above; to send emails he will need to use the SMTP server of the home ISP.

  lotvic 20:23 07 Feb 2007

Three things:
You will have to configure a new internet connection on the laptop with your home ISP to connect to the Internet
Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > and click on Create a new connection in the left pane

To make his office email work change its smtp (Send Mail To People) via your ISP that you have at home.
And also in his office email account tell it to use the new connection or any available
Outlook Express > Tools > Accounts select the email account > Properties > Connection

(don't forget to make a careful note of previous settings - for your sanity)

  Greengage 20:35 07 Feb 2007

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