How to get rid of this virus/adware/spyware ????

  DJ-Garry 22:07 25 Mar 2007

Right, here goes.

I tried a silly thing to get a program for free from a bit torrent site that came with a key generator. I think the ket gen installed some sort of bug on my system. It's the only thing I can put it down to. It was called AnyDVD. anyway, before I knew it ALL my PC security had been either un-installed or disabled. AVG free permanently shut down, needed re-installing. ZoneAlarm un-installed, Windows firewall turned off, pop up blocker shut down, tool bars installed, etc etc etc.
Loads of pop-ups for finance companies every time you open a new web page or click on a link. Luckily, no major damage to any files or programs I use (so far).
Re-installed AVG and it found Trojan Horses. SpyBot S&D found lots of other stuff but cold'nt get rid of them all as some were in system memory. It advised running again after re-boot but still no good, they are loading up before Spybot cam get to them. AdAware is finding stuff too and there is an .exe file in my system 32 folder that is linked from my StartUp that I cant delete because that's in system memory too. I've booted into safe mode, run AVG, SpyBot and AdAware until they both showed no errors, and the .exe file was not in sys32 either. As soon as I bott normally, the shortcut is back in StartUp and it's run the mwinlodv.exe witch is titled 'ThinkAdz' still causing IE popups. I've just downloaded all the latest updates for all programs, Windows XP Pro and even the latest IE7 update.
Still can't get rid of the 'mwinlodv.exe'

H E L P please.

Cheers, Garry.

  skidzy 22:10 25 Mar 2007

Have you checked in add and remove for unwanted programs ?

  skidzy 22:10 25 Mar 2007

You may have to scan with system restore disabled,but you would lose all SR points.

  beynac 22:12 25 Mar 2007

Download HijackThis: click here

Double-click on the file to install the program. Run a scan, produce a log and post it on Malware Removal forum: click here

  DJ-Garry 22:17 25 Mar 2007

Add Remove software only uninstalled the toolbar. I tried a system resore to a point before the date of the download. It said I couldn't resore to this point. Tried to another, none of them will work anyway so may try that. This thing knows how to protect and re-envoke it'self. Just gonna check out the links from beynac now.

  skidzy 22:26 25 Mar 2007

At this stage follow beynac's sound advice before disabling SR.

  DJ-Garry 23:28 25 Mar 2007

Oops! Already turned off SR. Done the HiJack This thing and posted the log file. Wait for the cure from them now I guess. Thanx guys.

  skidzy 23:33 25 Mar 2007

Nothing lost then Gaz,if SR was not working anyway.

Have you rescanned with SR disabled ?

  DJ-Garry 23:35 25 Mar 2007

No, only with HiJack this.

  p;3 00:40 26 Mar 2007

this is probably a salutory lesson for anyone trying out one of those 'nasty' sites ; you tend to learn the hard way why NOT to use them , by which time it is too late

??what name have you chosen over there?

  DJ-Garry 18:00 03 Apr 2007

Sorry p;3. didn't notice your question. I'm called GarrySelman over there and are still going through getting rid of all the crap on my machine. Seems to be getting there though. Link to my thread is: click here

Cheers, Garry.

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