How to get rid of annoying pop ups?

  Lee-262377 10:28 15 Jan 2007

I have just built a brand new computer system and loaded xp pro onto it, added the software I wanted and connected to internet.
However, I keep getting a shed load of pop ups telling my my windows registry is corrupted and to go to their site and get it cleaned (at a cost of course!).
I would imagine that as the components in my system are brand new and so is the software installation that the registry is actually ok.
Can anyone advise me how to get rid of them?
Incidentally till i get my broadband activated i'm currently running sp1.

  brundle 11:03 15 Jan 2007

Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer click here

Download and update Spywareblaster, select `enable all protection` click here

Download and update Spybot S&D, immunize click here

If Spybot appears to hang or fails to complete when downloading updates choose another server and try again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:34 15 Jan 2007

That you get SP2 for Windows as soon as possible. Does a friend or relative have it on disk or can someone download it for you? You cannot use Windows Update until you do. If you have not already done so, install and update anti-virus and a firewall. I use Norton Internet Security but there are numerous alternatives, many of them free. Look through old threads for many recommendations.

  Pine Man 14:39 15 Jan 2007

Internet Explorer 6 with SP2 and Internet Explorer 7 both have pop-up blockers.

  stevelincsuk 16:16 15 Jan 2007

Sounds like a case or smitfraud or vundo, create a HJT and have it analysed, do not install or purchase the software that is mentioned in the ads you see.

For intructions on creating a HJT see here -> click here and use the automatic installation method

Once you have your log post it over at malwareremoval -> click here in the first section of the site (entitled Malware Removal
)for analysis by one of the experts there.

  stevelincsuk 16:18 15 Jan 2007

Also, If you have malware do not install SP2 untill you are clear, otherwise this will magnify the problem.

  p;3 20:32 15 Jan 2007

if you are not too sure about doing the log; if you post over there and ask for guidance, they will be only too happy to help you; I think they will suggest you put the sp2 on there before you try anything else as you are open to attack without it

however, my intrigue is how this has happened with, as you say , a new installed windows; of interest, are all the discs etc you used the originals and not copies or borrowed ones which coudl carry nasties on them or even disrupt the machine

  gudgulf 22:04 15 Jan 2007

Are they Windows Messenger pop-ups?

If so then click here to turn them off.

  skidzy 22:28 15 Jan 2007

Agree with gudgulf.

Have you downloaded MSN and more to the point MSN plus ? this is known to be bundled with spyware/malware.

However,i also agree that you attempt to clean your system of this possible malware and install SP2 as soon as possible.

Popup blocker Google toolbar click here

  Nellie2 23:27 18 Jan 2007

Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger Plus are two different things. The Windows Messenger service is now turned off by default. If eazygeezer had a LoP infection from agreeing to the sponsor software of MessengerPlus then his symptoms would be slightly different.

I would agree with stevelincsuk, it does sound like a smitfraud variant and I would strongly suggest that you post for help at

  Lee-262377 10:53 22 Jan 2007

Hi, thanks for the advice, i seem to remember getting these messenger pop ups before I installed sp2 on my previous PC.
I took your advice and used the shoot the messenger program, immediate success from the spammers with "buy my registry fixing program".
Also downloaded firefox, spyware blaster and spybots and got rid of nasty add stuff.
Due to a mix up with my broadband provider i'm still waiting for it to be connected (this is almost 4 weeks now!!!!) although that's a separate gripe.
Last time i had a virus i used trend housecall to get rid of it but apparently i can't get java machine anymore from microsoft (and my pitifully slow dial up means waiting for hours to load from alternative sites - dial up is pants!)
Hopefully will b on friday so I can do all the updates and so on.
I'll keep you posted, in the meantime thanks for all your help - as usual you've been fantastic

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