How to get out of poster size prints?

  polymath 14:46 21 May 2007

My system sometimes insists on printing images in poster size, when I want A4. It happens with some photos received on CDs, or emailed to me. I don't happen to have put any photos on CD, so don't know if they'd have the same problem. I haven't heard of any images I've emailed causing this problem.

As far as I can remember, I've always had this problem with my 7-year-old computer, running Win98SE, and 6-year-old HP Deskjet970 cxi printer (which I've always been pleased with).
I'm not even sure whether it's the senders' settings or mine that need changing, or whether they're in Windows or the printer. But I've checked & re-checked all the printer settings, including enabling & re-disabling poster size. Going back to the factory settings makes no difference.

I updated the printer drivers when I installed the printer, but not since. (It's been the same OS all along).

Some other puzzling problems have turned out to be caused by my small (tiny by current standards!) working memory. Maybe that's what I need to address? I'm buying a new computer soon, but meanwhile I'm stuck with 448mb of RAM (I believe that's the maximum possible with 98SE).

  polymath 14:54 21 May 2007

Sorry - I forgot to check the file types affected. I've now looked at 2 of those CDs, and they're both of JPG files.

  ^wave^ 16:33 21 May 2007

what do you use to print with i know when i print i use picasa2 and size the pic from there

  Diemmess 16:46 21 May 2007

^wave^ has a good point.

As for 98SE, its a fine version of Windows and you have enough RAM. The PC just has to be set up manually rather than leaving it all to a much more heavyweight and resource-hungry system.

The software you use to edit/save/posh-up is the critical issue and control of print size lies with the chosen program.

  jack 17:02 21 May 2007

The printer will only print prints it is set to - that is , it is a printer set thing not the image size or even image editor.
Simply carefully check through your settings in the printer set pages - simply do not hit print from the task bar, go to File/Print Set up/ and carefully go through the settings

  polymath 21:18 21 May 2007

Thanks, all.
Is Picasa 2 an image editor? I wasn't using mine, just opening the images and printing directly. They look normal size on screen (I can print some emailed/CD images onto 1 A4 sheet, and they're about the same size on screen as the ones I can't)

Thanks for narrowing it down to my printer settings, Jack. The basic ones get checked regularly, as I often change them. I've also checked every single setting, many times, trying to find a way.
I've just remembered that it sometimes happens with images from the web, too (but again only sometimes).

Thanks for the reassurance, Diemmess. I like to avoid heavyweight and resource-hungry stuff where possible, as a matter of principle. (I don't mean environmentally here - I mean liking the idea of elegant programming, as opposed to bloatware). That's why I'm still using this computer (that and lack of cash, plus being comfortable with opening it up etc).

Maybe I'll try reinstalling the printer (again!). (And have another go at HP's website and user forum).
Meanwhile, any more thoughts would be very gratefully received.

  jack 08:11 22 May 2007

Picasa is a free Image Editor and will resize your image
As indeed Irfanview
Both of these will resize your image to precisesly the size you need.
Once you get the hang of them.

  Diemmess 08:39 22 May 2007

Perhaps instead of reinstalling the printer, have a look first in Control Panel > Printers.
Select your printer and right click choosing properties.
The paper size default is usually the American "Letter" which you could change to A4.
Unlikely, but perhaps the default setting is adrift.

My reason for this suggestion is that when I use acrobat software as a printer (making PDF files) I sometimes have a struggle to make it understand I want to go to A5 size. Print Preview always reveals the treachery, and it may have nothing to do with your current problem.

Only offer the suggestion on the grounds that "there are more ways of killing the cat...."

  polymath 17:20 22 May 2007

Thanks Jack. I do have a good image editor, but thought it wasn't necessary for normal-size printing directly from any emails/CDs/websites (it isn't necessary for me, for the majority of them) But maybe it is for some, with my hardware/software?

Anyway, I want to print some photos from a CD fairly urgently, so meanwhile I'll probably have to do it via image-editor - it'll just be a long job. (Editing, then printing 1 image at a time (then deleting most versions of it before doing the next image) is all my very modest disk space is comfortable with. There are 60 or 70 photos on this CD. So I'll check here again for any more ideas (plus the HP forum etc), before I embark on that method.

Good thinking, Diemmess. I set the printer to A4 when installing it, and use it mostly at that (and never to letter size). Occasionally something mysteriously makes it sneak back to letter size (never to poster size, though).
Perhaps I'll try setting it to poster size, and see if it does A4!

  polymath 14:30 14 Jun 2007

I've just noticed I forgot to tick this topic (after a flurry of activity including new antivirus/firewall - don't ask!)

IrfanView was the solution - thank you Jack.
I had no problem getting to grips with it, and found its learning curve a mere speed-bump. But maybe that's the years of trying to get to grips with Photoshop's capabilities!
I'm using Irfanview by default in future (only using the resource-hungry Photoshop if I want anything Irfanview can't do).

Thanks all of you Helproom knights for yet another rescue!

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