How to get IE back after BT router installation

  Amer 16:38 19 May 2006


I have just installed a new BT Broadband Router and all is well but whenever I open a web page, it uses BT Yahoo browser whereas I want to stick with what I am used to ie Internet Explorer Browser. Also, none of my favourites are showing, there is no 'Favourites' tab on the BT Yahoo browser. How do I restore my previous settings

Anty help appreeciated

Amer Khalil

  Jackcoms 16:48 19 May 2006

Control Panel; Internet Options, Programs.

Ensure that 'Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser' is ticked.

  Amer 16:53 19 May 2006

Thank you JAckcoms for your advice

I did as you said but each time I revisit a page the BT browser comes back into platy and the tick has been 'unticked'...very annoying


  Jackcoms 16:58 19 May 2006

Can you uninstall the BT browser?

  mikef. 17:20 19 May 2006

Control Panel; Internet Options, Programs.

Reset web settings

and don't forget to apply

I've got BTYahoo as well and this works everytime to get the default back to IE

Also Favourites in BTYahoo is Bookmarks and you can import your favourites from IE

  Amer 17:21 19 May 2006

I thikn problem is solved

Thanks for all your help BT Browser is no more!!!!

  Scribbler 17:04 06 Aug 2006

Tried the above but it didn't work - the 'Apply' option was not highlighted. Any ideas?

  Scribbler 17:17 06 Aug 2006

I've recently changed my BT router for a BT Broadband Home Hub router. This gave me the BT Yahoo! Browser, when I wanted IE6, which I had previously. Following the advice in another thread I've managed to revert to IE6 but I want my home page to be BT Yahoo. On IE - General - Home Page the 'Home Page' option is not highlighted, so I can't change it to BT Yahoo. Any ideas?

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