how to get help with broadband spped

  puddin 12:06 23 Jul 2007

I upgraded to ADSLMax some time ago. I knew that I would get nowhere near 8Mb/s, but indications were 2-3Mb/s, which was acceptable.
In the weeks since "upgrading", I have achieved a speed of 2Mb ONCE, 1.6MB on a few occasions, but normally the connect speed is around )8Mb. I have just returned from holidays last Thursday (all electrical gear switched off during away time). My speed is currently displayed as 0.3Mb/s!!! (speed testing via click here)
I then checked with the BT speed tester ( where I am advised that my IP profile is 500K; upstream rate is 448K, downstream rate is 2272K(!) average throughput during test 444K.
I am using a Linksys WAG54G v2 router with latest firmware installed and a wired ethernet connection. I have two computers - 1 running XPPro SP2 and the other Vista - both wired and both getting the same results.
BT engineer has checked my line. At main socket he achieved 2.9M and at the extension where I plug in my router he got 2.5M.
I have been in frequent contact with my ISP, who cannot suggest any way forward. The onlh think I have left to do is to try another router. Before I do that, are there any other suggestions, please?

  Dipso 12:31 23 Jul 2007

Can you post your line stats from your router

click here

Click on Status at the top of the main screen, then DSL Connection.

If you are prompted to login, the username is admin and the password is admin.

The fact that your profile is 500K suggests your line has recently dropped and re-connected at a lower speed. It usually takes 3 days for your profile to increase in line with the connection speed so you should get the higher speed back eventually.

You say you are connecting through an extension. If you have the new style NTE5 master socket you could improve things by removing the ring wire from the rear of the removeable faceplate on your master socket. This guide is helpful click here If at all possible connecting through the master socket is the way to get the best from your line.

  ^wave^ 12:38 23 Jul 2007

whos your isp what time of day are you doing your tests

  puddin 12:51 23 Jul 2007

Status details:
DSL Status: UP
DSL Modulation Mode: GDMT
Downstream Rate: 960 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 448 Kbps
Downstream Margin: 13 db
Upstream Margin: 15 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 57
Upstream Line Attenuation: 31
Downstream Transmit Power: 0
Upstream Transmit Power: 0

There are only two wires (to terminals 2 and 5) connected - as is, apparently, correct.
I have tried connecting direct to master socket with ethernet cat5 cable - and got no change is speed. BT engineer says I should get 2.5Mb at my study connection, so question remains: why not?

ISP is Pulse8 (click here). Speed tests have been carried out at various times of day (and night)( with little difference)

  Dipso 16:35 23 Jul 2007

OK, your stats are now showing a connection speed of 960K. Have you restarted the router since you took the BT Speedtest when you quoted the rate was 2272? If not, it looks like your connection has dropped again.

Your line is long which I can tell from your downstream attenuation of 57 but you should be able to get speeds of up to 3.5 Meg even so.

When you say you tried the master socket but got no change, what was the connection speed? Bear in mind the download speed will not improve immediately at it takes 3 days for your profile to increase.

If you can, try connecting through the test socket underneath the faceplate and post back with the line stats from there.

I can recomend a router which may give better results but I don't think your current one is totally to blame here.

P.S. Have you tried changing filters? A decent quality filter or a filtered faceplate will often give improved performance click here or click here

  woodchip 16:41 23 Jul 2007

If you turned the router off while you was away it most likely will have to go through several day of finding the best speed to run at all over again.

  puddin 23:56 23 Jul 2007

Dipso: I am using a filtered faceplate at the end of an admittedly long extension - but BT engineer did get 2.5Mb at that socket on his own equipment.
I did upgrade the firmware in the router and re-booted it.
Connect speed at master socket was around the 0.8Mb mark - similar to what I had been getting in my study.

  puddin 23:59 23 Jul 2007

Status page of router now shows the following:
Downstream Margin: 2147483647 db

  Dipso 08:20 24 Jul 2007

"Downstream Margin: 2147483647 db"

This indicates your noise margin has gone into minus figures. Your router is likely to drop the connection at this point. It's important to note what the connection speed is at the same time to work out what is going on. If your noise margin has gone from the 13 reported earlier to minus in a few hours, you have some serious interference coming from somewhere or the newer firmware isn't working to your advantage.

You mention the master, but did you try the test socket as that is the purest connection you can get.

The router I can recommend for managing longer lines better than most is this click here and as you can see you can pick up a B grade one (nothing wrong with them, I have one) for ~£20.

  puddin 09:28 24 Jul 2007

Today @ 09:28, DS rate is now 2080Kbps with DL attenuation back to +58db. Speed test still shows 0.43Mbps

  Dipso 10:58 24 Jul 2007

So it has dropped again but connected back at a higer rate.

The DS attenuation won't alter by more than 1db as that's pretty much a fixed figure, it's the noise margin that varies depending on the interference being picked up.

Until you manage to hold a stable connection for 3 days you won't see any higher speeds than ~500K I'm afraid.

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