How to get Find Files prog. to open full-screen?

  polymath 20:15 27 Feb 2005

On reinstalling Internet Explorer 6 (to solve another problem), my emails, and the Windows Find Files prog., opened in a small box, needing maximising to read properly.
Thanks to this Helproom, I dragged an email out to full screen, closed it with File-Close, and they now all open full screen.

I can't seem to make the same method work with the Find program (and none of its few Help topics are relevant). Any ideas?

I use Win98SE. The old & new IEs are from different PC Advisor cover disks; the new one is IE ver. 6.0.2600.0000IC. The only other difference I've noticed between the 2 versions is that the new one is the only one I've used that says 'Create Mail' (not 'New Mail').

  polymath 20:44 27 Feb 2005

Have to go offline now (to free the phone), but back tomorrow in case of any replies (I know it's hardly the most urgent of tonight's Helproom problems)

Before you make kind suggestions about broadband, geographically there's no prospect of it here with current technology!

  Technotiger 20:55 27 Feb 2005

Hi, can't remember 98SE, but in XP I simply click on the expand icon (small square next to X)
to open fully - or you could press F11 to expand window.


  polymath 17:28 28 Feb 2005

Thanks Technotiger.
The Expand icon and F11 work fine, but is there a way to configure things so that I don't have to press one of them every time I open the Find program?

I've just noticed that My Computer also opens in a small window, and there may be other progs as well. So it may be a setting in Win98SE. It's only been happening since reinstalling IE6, though.

  toni b 19:29 28 Feb 2005
  polymath 20:28 28 Feb 2005

Thanks toni.
I had a look, but it only seems to be for IE and Outlook Express windows. Both mine open already maximised - Internet Explorer never stopped doing that, and my OE emails (after the manual tweaking) are now back to doing it as normal.

I've used several versions of IE, and none (even the most elderly) has needed any help to open full screen, apart from recently having to set emails to do that again - maybe a setting just got corrupted?

Find Files, My Computer, My Documents (and maybe others) open in small windows now. (Find Files is the one I'd most like to fix.)

So I'd guess that it's just coincidental with reinstalling IE, and it's a Windows setting I want to find.
Any further ideas?

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