How to get files from a fried pc

  Gradientflyer 14:37 05 Jul 2007

Hi all
I recently accidently fried my pc and "C" drive too I think..... it no longer spins up! I have an intact second drive from that pc that holds ghosted copy of "C" made about 12months ago and also holds all norton backups from "C" drive.

I have new pc now a PB iMedia J2589 running vista my old pc ran XP Home. I am not an expert but dont mind messing with pc's so I'm wondering is there an easy way for me to get at those files etc on that drive? I do not have access to a second pc!!

Thanks in anticipation


  Pamy 14:47 05 Jul 2007

If it does not spin then I don't see it being possible

  howard64 14:50 05 Jul 2007

it will mean opening up the new pc and installing albeing temporaryly the drive that is ok from the old one. Set it to slave if on ide and your new hard drive is ide if new one is sata and old one ide just set it as master ide. You should then be able to copy your data to the new drive.

  Diemmess 14:50 05 Jul 2007

Assuming that your old drive C wont spin in a new environment your best hope lies with the Norton backups on the secondary drive.

Dont try the year old ghosted copy of C: which could overwrite your new C: and is probably too old to be useful anyway.

Later versions of Norton Ghost will access individual files for you if the backups were in the form of Ghost (.gho or whatever) files.

If you have an external HD case connected by USB it would be very convenient to put your living HD inside that, and avoid opening the case of your new computer.

  howard64 14:52 05 Jul 2007

If you do not want to open the new one then you will have to see if anyone in your area has a pc that they would be happy to stick your drive into and get the data off for you. That would require you to give an indication of your location. I am near Gatwick airport.

  wee eddie 15:08 05 Jul 2007

Get an Enclosure click here

Stick the one you don't think is working in first. It might just fire up, if not install the spare and copy your files across.

You'll also have the advantage of a free External Back-up Drive for free. Well about a Tenner anyway.

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