how to further test system with 4x bsod?

  theDarkness 19:17 07 Feb 2013

This is more of an extension of my last post, but I didnt want to bump continuously.

Ive had 4 bsod, seemingly unrelated to one another.

2x 'BADPOOLHEADER's - Online Armor driver OADriver.sys, Avast module aswSP.SY.

2x 'KERNELDATAINPAGE_ERROR's - both relating to ataport.SYS (ATAPI Driver Extension).

Im not sure what to do. The bsod is happening roughly once every couple of days. The system is seemingly clean with multiple antivirus program scans, tdsscleaners/killers, ram, hdd and cpu checkers. No issues, no slow down, nothing unusual. I dont have any restore points (this was seemingly switched off), and I dont think I can install vista same on the same hdd twice (on my other partition) for a quick check to see if its hardware related, as far as I can tell, regarding the legalities of it all. I'll clone the drive next time, lol. I dont really want to reinstall the entire system right now, and I've tried removing the last software installed before the crashes started, and switching firewalls (from ZA to OA) but that didnt help, as you can tell from one of my bsod. Ive been advised not to use combofix as that can ruin the system for good. What would you do (aside from switching to xp, 7, 8 or buying a mac) XD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 07 Feb 2013

Looks like a problem with booting

What op system W7?

Can you do a Boot up with your Win 7 DVD and get to the command prompt and type


bootsect /fixmbr

bootsect /fixboot

  SillBill 19:46 07 Feb 2013

If you are running Vista, I had BSOD's on Vista almost every day until I got fed up and did a clean install of W7, no BSOD's so far.

  SillBill 20:05 07 Feb 2013

I should have said I had Vista on a laptop Had XP then W7 on desktop, never had BSOD's

  theDarkness 20:08 07 Feb 2013

Its a vista32 laptop. It runs fine and even whilst running idle, the bsod can appear out of nowhere. Its very random. Do you think the system is not fully loading every required necessary driver whilst starting up, causing these crashes, and possible conflicts with other programs?

before the crashes:- I installed realtemp, and found out that it was not giving the correct results for my cpu (roughly 20c+ above every other similar program). Realtemp stated from its own built-in cpu test (which forces the cpu up to 100% usage) that my cpu was running at 100c. The test was very short, but completed. The temp reduced very quickly, but I replaced realtemp with speedfan. Speedfan gives reasonable results (40-late 60c depending on light to very heavy usage). As expected for a cheap laptop. Around a week later the bsod started to occur. I uninstalled speedfan, but the bsod is now still occurring. The cpus safe temp range is up to 85c.

Its all I have to go on.

  theDarkness 20:20 07 Feb 2013

ive had vista since 2007, and these are my first bsod, and im getting a lot. lol. I imagine as 7 in structure is essentially vista in structure with fixes or extras (some for the better, some not) that the bootsect check/utilities should work.

  SillBill 20:20 07 Feb 2013

As I said, when I had Vista on my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop the BSOD's just appeared randomly and for no apparent reason.I put up with it for ages, then decided enough is enough. I don't think you'll ever find out what causes these Blue Screens, certainly not on Vista that bastardised and unfinished OS rushed out by messrs M$

  lotvic 20:24 07 Feb 2013

Did you check in Device Manager for problem hardware? and also did you run sfc /scannow?

  theDarkness 21:32 07 Feb 2013

No issues in device manager, scannow did fix some problems however, but how important they were I dont know-only time will tell if that makes any difference. The bootsect check/utilities are not accessible in the same way as 7, but I will try them out also. If nothing works a re-installation might be the only way to go, and not to install too many programs until a better OS comes along. Vista has always been stable for me up until now, and thats a long time, so I can put up with a reinstall to have it working for a couple more years. I was quite surprised at how much the US have to pay for the same windows OS's or OS updates. Rip off britain, lol. thanks

  lotvic 22:58 07 Feb 2013

Don't know what version Vista you have, but if you want a Vista DVD with SP1 to use with your product key you can download from official MS, the link is on with instructions. (nothing to fill in or personal info etc. just a straight download)

  theDarkness 23:35 07 Feb 2013

I have vista32 updated to sp2, it was initially installed from my dvd, but I dont know exactly how this disc (msi edition) may differ from an official microsoft one. If its not possible to install windows twice then I'll re-install completely, if I keep getting my bsod. Its about time for a new bsod, any time soon, so I should be typing as fast as possible in order to finish this post, lol. Inserting the MSI vista disc doesnt allow a further installation, only a restore by resetting the machine back to default, deleting all content. For a short hardware test, I might install ubuntu onto the second partition for a few days to see how the system goes, although Im some might argue that ubuntu will give me plenty of new issues along with any bsod crash equivalent :)

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