How to format harddisk on Packard Bell?

  foreverlfc 09:07 20 May 2009

I have a Packard Bell Machine and want to clean the harddisk totally by formating. I heard peope saying after harddisk being formatted, the propietary machine,in my case Parkard Bell, cannot reload all the programs with the origonal Recovery CD. In worst case, it cannot even start, is that true?

I really want to clean my computer totally and set it all up with the recovery CD, can anyone have any solutions?

Many thanks in advance!!

  Diemmess 12:55 20 May 2009

Having gleaned references to your problem over some years browsing PCA rather than any personal experience, please take this to be a personal opinion only.

The bottom line is that most manufacturers recovery programs will only reset the operating system to the way it first was.

Such recovery systems may stall when there has been a considerable peiod of use just because the system has updated, leaving you stuck!
It [Recovery system] may be unable to find files that have changed by periodical updating.
It will not clear any redundant or possibly corrupt installations, and may lose data which "gets in the way"

You can still buy a proper copy of XP (if that's what you are using) from a few retailers and this is the only way to clear the drive and have a nice fresh installation.
(If you do this, then FIRST you must have motherboard drivers and installation disks for any other software and have copied all data to somewhere like an external HD before you Format.)

The cheaper alternative is a lot of work, and that is step by step, clearing unused data, applications and temporary files.
High or first on the list, should be thorough use of anti malware.

It is hard, but you do have a choice.

  foreverlfc 13:21 20 May 2009

Thanks Diemmess, What do you think if I do this?

1. Get motherboard driver first
2. Format HD
3. Then try the 'recovery CD', if it works, perfect. If not, install motherboard driver and Windows XP (buy from Shop)
4. Once XP set up, try the recovery CD again. If that is not working, then I just install all other programs and drivers.


  Diemmess 13:56 20 May 2009

Remember I am only giving you my opinion, about your chances of success with those recovery disks. Others may chip in with better ideas!

1. - Yes and keep them as long as you keep your computer.
2. - Not possible without extra software see bottom of this post
3. - May not be possible, depends on recovery system's ability.
4. Why risk messing up a new system? You will have all the necessary CDs and data saved away from Drive C.

FORMAT is a command. In your case it would be FORMAT C:
It is part of the installation (not repair) of a new system.

The machine has to be booted from an outside source such as the XP installation Disk.

It will not allow FORMAT when the target drive is active. (C: is active whenever you boot normally.)

Finally, if you have a new system up and running there's little point in keeping the original recovery system drive.
There are many other was of keeping up-to-date clones of your new system, which when called on recover first and every time. That like recovering the hidden space on your HD is another story!

  keef66 15:50 20 May 2009

when I did our desktop I deleted the recovery partition and formatted the whole disk to get the space back. The (small, now out of business)supplier had provided all the disks neccessary for a full reinstall of XP with all the software and drivers. Not sure what the situation is with a big company like Packard Bell.

  Ethan1982 16:21 20 May 2009

"2. Format HD
3. Then try the 'recovery CD', if it works, perfect. If not, install motherboard driver and Windows XP (buy from Shop)"

Ones you have formatted the HD, the recovery won't work.. 'recovery CD' as the name suggest recover the actual factory settings and that's not possible after you have Fully formated HD.

"4. Once XP set up, try the recovery CD again. If that is not working, then I just install all other programs and drivers."

Ones the XP is set up thats you new (if you wanna call that) factory settings. recovery CD, as mention earlier is not going to help then.

The most imp thing is you have to have a CD of OS (XP??).. The problem is many of the suppliers stop sending them out with the system. I found out that when I bought my new laptop and PC world (biggest retailer in UK!!) don't supply them anymore... So I have to rely on my luck that the HD will never fail in the laptop's life!!

  ronalddonald 23:45 20 May 2009

forget to back up any precious files you want to keep, by using a usb stcik.

I dont know this would help you could try linux mint if that would work, you may have to go to linux forum site and ask them this same question and give the details of your computer and see what they say.

A word of warning if you do go along with linux, some word documents and may be other software will not work on windows operating system and vice versa with linux

I have dual boot, i can boot into windows or linux as i installed linux inside windows.

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