how to format a brand new hard drive

  musiclady 09:03 18 Jul 2006

i just got a 200gb i already have 80gb and an 80gb sata drive,the sata is the main drive i have connected the new 200gb to my dvd writer but it wotn show it anyway except device manager.If i try and go into disk management its nto there.Im using xp pro

  De Marcus™ 09:20 18 Jul 2006

When you installed the drive did you configure the jumpers?

  Taff™ 09:22 18 Jul 2006

I assume you have the two 80 Gb drives on one cable with one as master (sata) and the other one slave. Again I assume the DVD and 200 Gb drive on a second cable. I think you need to set up one as the master and the other slave - this is done by the jumpers on the respective drives. If both are set to master you`ll only see the one at the end of the cable which is probably the DVD drive so I`m guessing (again) that the 200 Gb drive is curently set to master and needs the jumper changing to slave. There will be a diagram on the back of the drive to show which pins need the jumper across it. (Get your tweezers out!)

  rodriguez 09:28 18 Jul 2006

Do what Taff™ says and check all the jumpers and make sure the cables are in tight (I worked on a computer where the end of the IDE cable had pulled out of the socket slightly as i put the drive back in and the BIOS would recognise it but Windows wouldn't). Then make sure it gets recognised by the BIOS because some older boards won't recognise big hard drives. Then run a disk partition tool and format the 200 GB to NTFS. When this is done Windows should recognise the drive and it should work fine.

  Strawballs 09:37 18 Jul 2006

If you are running XP once you have set the jumpers go to control panel > Admin tools > then on the left pane there is a list for storeage go to disk management and from there you can formatt and activate it.

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