How to flash bios

  K4i 11:20 30 Dec 2007

After building a new PC, i have encountered many problems however the one that has confused me most is that i am unable to restart my computer. I have had a technician in, and he has suggested to flash BIOS or if that doesn't work then the motherboard is faulty. I have heard that flashing BIOS can be quite risky so i don't want to go into it not knowing how to do it properly.

Any advise is appreciated

  Joe R 11:25 30 Dec 2007


try first going into the bios, and selecting "fail safe defaults, or/and removing the bios battery for a few seconds.

If this does not work, the n the possibility of a damaged mobo is very real.

  martjc 11:33 30 Dec 2007

First, read the MB manual carefully, as different manufacturers use different methods.

Main resons for flash failures are:

1. Wrong flash file used. You MUST (must) be sure you are using the right one.

2. Loss of power during the procedure. If the flash does not complete, the bios is knackered and unusable.

If, after the flash, you still cannot get results, then the MB looks faulty.

BTW: if this is a continuation of your previous posting, it really should not be a new thread - people replying will only have part of the story.

  Fingees 12:13 30 Dec 2007

If you had a technician in.

Why didn't he flash the bios if that was required?

I would suggest tha if it's a new motherboard, it should at least have an operational bios chip installed.

If not, I wouldn't touch it myself, and would return it where it came from.

I have flshed a few, but it's not for the novice, unless it's an MSI, then it can be flashed easily with live update, and if the flash fails, it restarts on the original bios.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 30 Dec 2007

i am unable to restart my computer

Check power management settings in both windows and the BIOS

Flashing BIOS is a last resort and if the board is fairly new I'm sure it will invalidate any warrenty.

  K4i 14:46 30 Dec 2007

Ok thanks alot, i think i will just send the mobo back, as it is new so if what you say is true then the BIOS should be up to date, and work fine. and sorry for posting a new thread martjc.

  martjc 10:59 31 Dec 2007

...that was just a bit of friendly advice. Best of luck with the new MB.

Happy New Year!

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