how to fit in a third Hard disk

  ChrisBass 12:50 04 Apr 2011


I have a small problem, i would like to add an extra hard disk drive to my desktop but there are already two inside and no space for a third.

Is there anyway of getting extra space? can you get bigger cages?

any help would be much appreciated.

  Nontek 12:59 04 Apr 2011

Simple answer, get a USB external hard drive.

  spuds 13:00 04 Apr 2011

Have you considered using an external hard-drive?.

  RGB76 13:08 04 Apr 2011

Put the new drive on the floor of your tower with a bit of Blu-Tac or stand it on end at the front if you have the space.

  ChrisBass 13:29 04 Apr 2011

i dont really want to get an external driv because it requires another power socket (well for the size i'd want anyway) and they are more expensive (especially for the size i'd want).

would bluetac really work? would it cause any problems?



  canarieslover 13:36 04 Apr 2011

If you have a spare 5 1/4" bay you can get converter brackets to enable you to use that. click here

  Nontek 13:40 04 Apr 2011

An internal fitting of what-ever sort, will still need a spare ribbon connection point to the mobo.

  Diemmess 13:48 04 Apr 2011

Blu-Tack would be fine in use and be sufficiently rubbery to damp out any rattle.
For brief temporary use the HD can even dangle by its leads and stabilised with a chock of sorts


It is an insecure lash-up which is easily forgotten until it comes adrift one day with bad possibilities.

Another snag might be cooling, either the rest of the contents or the HD itself with less room for designed ventilation.

There are a huge number of powered cases with USB connection and most are reasonably cheap.

As for the extra power socket [nuisance], you could consider a really useful power strip with a spare socket or three left for the next crisis.

  lotvic 13:49 04 Apr 2011

I just lay them on a cork mat on floor of tower, old table place mats upside down are ideal, cut in half to be right size

  Terry Brown 14:03 04 Apr 2011

Normally, at the botom of the Harddrive holder there is 2 drop hopes, both sides.

Go to a hardware store and get some small repair strips (metal)- You ca use either straight or angled- if so cut at angle so you have two pieces.

You will need 4 screws of the type used for the case, and 4 small nuts & bolts for the drop down holes.

This will also allow ventilation around the drive.

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