how to fit a new drive??

  Jayne doe 19:28 24 Jan 2004

So I been out today and purchased a new Seagate 80gig hard drive. My old one (same type) was nearly full and so slow and messy so I thought I would fit a new one then swop everything I still wanted over to the new one from my old one. I fitted it as slave then I went to disc manager and formatted the new drive ok no probs and its recognised in bios and shows in My Comuter OK Then I took old drive out and just fitted new one as cable select on its own then I tried to install XP pro on it to make it the main disc .. But when I go to reinstall WinXP pro on I just get a black screen and a message saying..NTdll missing.. thats it. Wont boot up or anything. What have I done wrong please anyone klnow? Thanks.

  Mango Grummit 19:47 24 Jan 2004

Could be better advice from others to follow but did you do a Drive Image before embarking on this?

  bremner 19:47 24 Jan 2004

Have alook at this and check you hace connected as it states click here

  Eric10 19:48 24 Jan 2004

I think you'll find that the message is actually "NTLDR missing" which is the NT Loader file. All this means is that it is trying to boot from a drive that doesn't have any boot files on it, probably your new hard drive.
Go into the BIOS and set the boot sequence to boot from CD-Rom first then put in your WinXP CD and restart.


  Rennaissance 20:15 24 Jan 2004

hello, just one question from me, what is cable select actually for?

  bremner 20:16 24 Jan 2004

Have a look at the link I provided it explains

  Eric10 20:22 24 Jan 2004

In a nutshell. With cable select you need to use an 80way cable then master or slave is decided by which plug you fit to which drive.

Blue to motherboard
Black to master
Grey to slave

  Jayne doe 21:09 24 Jan 2004

Thanks all. Eric10 you are correct the letters are what you have put. However I cannot get into the bios at all. Never have done. I suspect its something to do with this fancy internet keyboard. I can use delete to delete files but ctrl aly delete dont work neither does delete to enter bios when booting up. I have not got another keyboard so it will have to wait. I set the drives to CS because thats what it tells me to do in mobo handbook.

  Jayne doe 21:13 24 Jan 2004

bremner I got the cables correct as the drive is recognised and I can put files onto the new drive I just cant get windows put on it. I have tried to do it with the old installed but then it wont accept the serial number off the label on the back of the case for some reason. Its the correct serial number Ive checked with a serial number viewer. Ive got the the right number in the cert as well.

  Eric10 21:25 24 Jan 2004

Jayne. It's usually the DEL key as opposed to the DELETE key, also many systems will accept F2 or F1 in place of DEL. Whatch the bootup sequence too when it's set right because at some stage you will probably be prompted to "Press any key to boot from CD-Rom". If your bootup is hidden by a splash screen you can usually get rid of this by pressing ESC or TAB.

  Echo1 01:04 25 Jan 2004

How old is the computer? The hard drive might be too big. I had a similar problem when trying to use a 10gig hd as the bootable drive on my Pentium. Wouldn't recognise it. But when used as a slave, worked perfectly. I have since moved up in the world...

Maybe the bios needs upgrading.

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