How to find out what's running in the background

  moondust13 23:52 03 Oct 2007

Hi guys...I'm really frustrated! Something is running in the background causing huge downloads over my miserly limit of 630MG ...I can hear it buzzing away but can't find it. Is there something I can download free to detect & blast stuff like this? Or is there a way for me to find it (yeah I'm not that computer crash hot)No one here seems to be able to help me. I did that zone alarm test which was discussed in this forum & it came up with heaps of "danger" stuff???hmmm??? especially my register. OH I have windows XP. Also I cannot seem to find what's running on start up...all gobblygook to 98 was so easy! or I'm just too old!

Also if there is anyone on here from Oz who can give me a hint on what's the best 2 way satellite...gotta get rid of this one! I am leaning on the side of dragnet...seems so far to be the best...but I'm open to anything else out there.
thnx guys for your help! :)

  Strawballs 00:31 04 Oct 2007

To find what is running in start up is the same as 98se go to start > run and type MSCONFIG and press enter then click on the startup tab and unlike 98 you don't need systray to run just things like your anti-virus etc.

  moondust13 01:55 05 Oct 2007

thnx Strawballs...right I've cleared that up, so easy !....but gee it doesn't like you altering things eh!keeps coming up with a message that I have altered things and need to restart in that OK to ignore it??

The registry can U help in I need something that cleans it up at all???

thnx again for your help...very much appreciated!

  €dstowe 06:26 05 Oct 2007

Rather than use msconfig it is much easier and safer to use Startup Inspector for adjusting the programs running at start up.

click here

  moondust13 09:02 05 Oct 2007

Thnx so much for that...BUT is "Start up Inspector" a program I have to download??? I have not heard of it B4.

I've still no answer on my register's all so confusing!

thnx so much for your time

  cocteau48 09:15 05 Oct 2007

Download Startup Inspector using the €dstowe's click here link.

  Meshuga 11:37 05 Oct 2007

moondust13, when the message box pops up there is a little box to tick saying do not tell me this again. Put a tick in it and it should not appear again.

  Strawballs 18:16 05 Oct 2007

This is the Regcleaner that I always use click here never caused me any problems and it makes a backup each time.

I just go to tools > start regcleaner > do them all and let it scan then delete everything it comes up with have been using it about once a month for about 2yrs and it has never let me down yet.

  moondust13 09:02 06 Oct 2007

thnx so much to all who have helped me in this...I feel like I am in control now...much appreciated! Wot a great site eh! glad to be a part of it!

kindest regards to you all :)

  Ex plorer 12:53 06 Oct 2007

Hi if your problem is now solved can you pop a tick in the box. Open your thread you will see it on the right after last entry.

  carmichy 13:28 06 Oct 2007

I think Moondust has had enough publicity for his porn site Is the Forum Editor sleeping ?

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