How to find out if your site is on a search engine

  holligan 14:56 23 Feb 2004

I` ve typed in the web adress and the name on the front page in a lot of search engines and its not come up. I had a read on another post and someone said its cos free space dont get picked up. I was just wandering if anyone could find my site

on the first page is cw garden services is the adress

ITS BEEN ON SINCE SINCE JUNE Not the content thats there now but the name as been there

Iam just curious no to if its on a engine Ive tried to add it but told they will get picked yp anyway


  Jester2K 15:08 23 Feb 2004

Have you filled in the MetaTags on your pages with keywords etc?

  IClaudio 15:28 23 Feb 2004

is just one of the ways that Search Engines focus in on your site. In NOF, in Site View, look in the Properties Box. One of the tabs is for MetTags, and the drop-down list includes 'Keywords' (it's the default in my version, 7.5, probably the same in MX). Fill this with any words that you feel describes your services: Gardening (obviously) garden design, Yorkshire and so on - anything you can think of that people may type in to a search engine to find your site. It's a lot more complex than that of course, and others here will fill the blanks - but that will get you started.

A couple of tips (though others will be along I'm sure to give you loads more!): don't get clever and put 'Sex' in the list of words, everyone's wise to that old trick now - and cater for mis-typings such as 'gardin', 'desine' and so on.

Once you've got your Tags sorted, you then have to visit the search engines and Submit your site manually. That's a bit tedious, and there is software like Hello Engines! which is supposed to automate the whole thing, but I find that they over-complicate the whole thing.

PS how about my hydrangeas ;)

  holligan 15:41 23 Feb 2004

i will go try that email me and i will tell you about your hydrangeas. fe might kick me off for adviceing you on here haha

  holligan 15:50 23 Feb 2004

in my prop box there is no meta tags

i press management and there is comments were you can type

the other is marster border


  holligan 15:57 23 Feb 2004

meta is there but i dont understand it

it says about it in in the menu you get with mx but i dont get it

  IClaudio 17:31 23 Feb 2004

OK will do! ;)

  IClaudio 19:38 23 Feb 2004

No, 'management' is the second tab. Do you have a third? Well, maybe it's not in MX, sorry it's been a while since I used it. You can do it though in the HTML. In the 'HEAD' section, just type (where you see the other META stuff):

<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="your words here, each seperated by commas, you can put whole phrases, or, just, single, words">

Good luck
PS You do *need* to do this if your site is to show up in Google ;0

PPS Thanx for gardening advice, it's nice to have an expert around!

  vinnyo123 12:59 27 Feb 2004

added to my postings .Thanks

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