How to find ALL pics/video/audio on C Drive please

  buel 18:37 07 Dec 2009

Hi, i have been using my Medion laptop for 3 and a half years now and i think it is time for a fresh install of XP, i have a question:
i THINK i have transfered all my pics/videos/audio/documents from my c drive to my external hard drive but i am slightly paranoid that i may have missed some, please can anyone tell me is there a 'sure fire' way of finding any/all data that i have left on my c drive? I am guessing there may be a program that does this?

  eedcam 18:45 07 Dec 2009

Pardon the obvious but Search>Files folders>pictures music video >Pictures and Photos

  GaT7 18:45 07 Dec 2009

Everything will be present in the locations you saved your pics, data, emails, etc to. In XP, this is in the 'Documents & Settings' directories by default, unless you saved them to other locations as well. G

  buel 18:48 07 Dec 2009

Sorry eedcam, i do have big gaps of knowledge..that is one of them! And to Crossbow7, thank you for that but over the course of 3 and a half years i have lost count of all the daft places i must have kept downloaded items. What a fool i am! :0(

  Spinner29 20:10 07 Dec 2009

They will be in the download folder.

Click start> my documents>, then click downloads should be in there if not instead of clicking on downloads click on my pictures.

If their not there then they'll be in the C:\Program Files

Or save a pic and where it takes you is where they'll be.

  dagbladet 21:01 07 Dec 2009


I don't understand why they would be in the downloads or program files folder.

  buel 21:27 07 Dec 2009

Hi, ok i went to search>Pictures/music/video, ticked all 3 and then clicked on Search and it brought up all files. I wanted to select them all and select Properties to find out how many Gigabytes of data i had on here but i couldn't highlight them all without getting the message 'Explorer must close'...any ideas how i can select them all other than selecting, say, 20 files at a time and cutting and pasting them to one single folder?

  Spinner29 22:10 07 Dec 2009


I don't understand why they would be in the downloads or program files folder.

Why not? Don't people download images video etc?

  GaT7 22:11 07 Dec 2009

Try a Ctrl+A in the window - this will select all items.

And I would recommend copying & pasting instead. G

  GaT7 22:15 07 Dec 2009

Spinner29, people have the habit of moving files around (I know I do).

And it's also easy to change the default download folder with every download.

"If their not there then they'll be in the C:\Program Files" - this will usually contain only installed programs, won't it? G

  Peter 22:29 07 Dec 2009


Perhaps it would be best to make an Image of all the partitions on the drive, using Acronis Drive Image or something similar, and store it on an external drive. Then if/when something goes wrong the complete Image can be restored or Mounted to enable a search for missing/overlooked files once the drive is up and running.


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