How to fax with my broadband?

  Cabochon 20:43 14 Dec 2006

Challenging a parking ticket and they want a fax!

when I open FaxTools in win XP Pro it wants to use my old intel modem (com 3) for faxing.
Is there a way to use my normal bulldog broadband connection to send/receive faxes?

Otherwise is it possible to use the old 56k fax/modem to do it, hooking it up to the phone line? (how?) Might be worth having it as a dial-up back-up anyway?

(Duron 1400 Win XP pro pack 2)

  Jackcoms 21:05 14 Dec 2006

You cannot fax down a BB line.

As you say, plug in your old dial-up modem and away you go (assuming you have some sort of fax program).

  woodchip 21:11 14 Dec 2006

You have to use a Dial Up Modem to Fax, You can do it if the comp as one built in. You do not need a ISP to use for FAXing

  Jackcoms 21:14 14 Dec 2006

That's what I just said, isn't it? ;-)

  p;3 21:28 14 Dec 2006

one assumes you do not have a fax phone at home?

and for my benefit; why can one not fax using a BB line as part of the line is a phone line isnt it?

  Jackcoms 21:33 14 Dec 2006

When you sign up for a broadband service
your existing phone line is split into two, like virtual 'pipes', one inside the other if you like.

The outer, larger, pipe handles high-speed digital data and sends it from the Internet to your computer and vice-versa.

The inner, smaller, pipe remains as an analogue conduit and handles speech traffic in the normal way. You can make calls or send and receive faxes on the line at the same time as digital data is flowing in the outer pipe. At the exchange end there is some hardware that separates the two data streams and sends them on their way - voice goes into the BT telecoms system and digital data goes out to the Internet via your ISP.

The broadband service effectively makes two lines out of one. You still have the same telephone number for the analogue line, but the ADSL connection doesn't have a number - it can't dial anything anyway. When you connect to the BT exchange ADSL equipment your modem doesn't dial anything, it handshakes with an exchange gateway and authenticates you via your ISP.

You can't connect a fax machine to the ADSL side of your line - it wouldn't work. In any case the plug connector for ADSL is different to the one on the fax - take a look at your microfilter.

  terryf 00:12 15 Dec 2006

This is the first part of the Word help on sending faxes, you note it talks about a 'fax provider'.
Do one of the following:
In Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, or Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI), on the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Recipient using Internet Fax Service.
From Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, on the File menu, point to New, and then click Fax.
The first time you use fax services, you will be prompted to sign up with a provider. Click OK to open your Web browser, and then follow the signup instructions on the Web site.
Close your Web browser, and then return to the Microsoft Office program you want to fax from.
Repeat step 1. An e-mail message will open in Outlook with your document attached as a .TIF (image) file, or you can attach a file to the message.

  woodchip 15:01 15 Dec 2006

BB is Digital, Phone line is Analog. Fax only works on Analog

  kinger 18:26 15 Dec 2006
  terryf 23:54 15 Dec 2006

But it appears that there are sites on the web that will send a fax for you

  terryf 23:56 15 Dec 2006

Sorry kinger did not look at your link but this site says it all although if Cabochon has to sign up for a service it seems a hassle, why not photocopy the document and use snail mail

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