How far will 2GB download limit go?

  malynx 17:50 01 Nov 2005

Hi I've just been looking over various broadband deals and nearly all the ones in my price range have between 1GB and 3GB monthly bandwidth caps.
As I'll be new to broadband, I am concerned that this won't be enough for my initial burst of browsing and downloading. I have absolutely no idea how far a GB wil go?
Any help please?

  octal 18:02 01 Nov 2005

I'm just an average user, I use the email quite a lot, surf for two or three hours per night, download a few files. My connection is capped at 3GB but they don't seem to worry too much if I go slightly over the limit sometimes. They being NTL by the way.

Here's a screenshot of my useage click here

  Pineman100 18:08 01 Nov 2005

I was in the same position as you about 6 months ago. I was thinking of signing up for a 2GB deal and was worried whether I would be hitting my head on the ceiling.

Just to reassure you, I have *never* had any such problems. I use the computer a fair bit for emailing, downloading, uploading and downloading image files, and I've never come anywhere near my 2GB limit.

Who are you thinking of using? My ISP (T*scali) have recently removed the download limit, and are offering unlimited 2MB bandwidth for £14.99 a month.

  Stuartli 18:12 01 Nov 2005

1MB actually...:-)

Unlimited 2MB is £17.99 a month and 2MB with 2GB cap at £15.99 a month.

I'm on the 2MB with 2GB cap and use my system virtually all day and night, do regular downloads etc and have still to exceed the 2GB limit.

In fact Tiscali has stated the majority of its subscribers only use 0.8GB a month on average.

  Arnie 18:16 01 Nov 2005
  malynx 18:22 01 Nov 2005

ISP considered was Virgin plan 3: 512 kbps service with 3GB download limit @ £14.99 (?).
The main attraction here was the absence of a 12-month contract, (although cancellation before such a period may incur a £50 fee).
Also, I seem to be having phoneline compatibility problems for broadband connection.
AOL, Tiscali and BTbroadband have all vaguely hinted at this.
Virgin appear willing to improve the line.
Unless anyone knows different?

  Jackcoms 18:31 01 Nov 2005

"Virgin appear willing to improve the line".

Nothing to do with Virgin (or any other ISP).

That's a BT issue.

  malynx 18:38 01 Nov 2005

Thanks to all.
And to Arnie for the informative link.

Jackcoms - thanks, yes it is a BT issue, however, Virgin appear willing to sort it out with BT, which is more than BTbroadband offered.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 19:35 01 Nov 2005

But you can get 1MB unlimited with Tiscali for £14.99...:-)

  Stuartli 19:37 01 Nov 2005

Anyone with Tiscali who is having any problems can find a quick and efficient link to the Technical staff, who will sort problems out ASAP, at Tiscali's website's Broadband Service Forum.

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