How to export contacts from Hotmail?

  splinternet 23:11 28 Jan 2004

I've been using Hotmail and have built up a list of contacts. I've now setup Outlook 2002 as the front-end client and want to download my contacts from Hotmail. However, Hotmail doesn't appear to have an export facility for contacts. I hope there's a way to do this as I've got around 200 entries in my Hotmail contacts.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:10 29 Jan 2004

Set up the hotmail account in Outlook Express so that you check your hotmail account in Outlook Express.

Go to Tools - Address Book and then
Tools - Synchronize.

Sync is done between the 2 address books. Not tried this but.....


  Chegs ® 01:42 29 Jan 2004

Bit tedious,but as there is an import but no export button,go to your list of contacts(In Hotmail)Right-Click it and select source from the options,it will open in Notepad(the HTML of the page)Scroll down and you will see lines of html like

<td nowrap width=33%><input name="ADDR (email addy here)

edit out the html commands,or simply copy/paste the addy to your "Create Contacts" in Outlook.

Unless the folks here can suggest an easier way(such as GANDALF <|:-)> has said)but for Outlook Express read Outlook(as I dont use Outlook 2002 so cannot say if it can be made to retrieve Hotmail)

  splinternet 01:50 29 Jan 2004

Gandalf, 'fraid this must only work in Outlook Express. In Outlook 2000, there isn't a Synchronize option anywhere. Tools....Address Book just puts me into the address book, which is of course empty as I want to populate it from Hotmail contacts.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 01:59 29 Jan 2004

Same thing long winded click print page in your contacts tab then copy them in 1 by 1 to outlook.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:02 29 Jan 2004

Or could you print them open notepad copy and paste the list in there then save it as a text cvs file? then import them that way,dont know if it would work in 2002 i have done it in OE6 with cvs file but not from hotmail.And i expoted the list from OE6 as a backup.


  splinternet 02:43 29 Jan 2004

Now I get it. There's a 'synchronize' button when you look at the Hotmail list of contacts, and this takes you to the MSN8 signup page. They want me to upgrade for £4.99 a month before it will let me synchronize the contacts list offline. Seems a bit of a cheek?

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