How to enter into one's own site? Part II

  Revi 07:16 16 Sep 2005

Yesterday I had posted a thread regarding entering into one’s own website. Today I got the full details of the web control panel from my web host BUT AT THE SAME TIME they have rubbed my website blank and I get the message SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. I have received the following info:
URL , Login, Password,
Ftp details such as IP, Username, Password, To configure Outlook Express to send & receive mails names of POP3 Server, SMTP Server, Ms-Sql server IP (2 different addresses). NOW THE QUESTION IS HOW DO I ENTER INTO MY WEBSPACE AND RESTORE MY WEBSITE.

  Revi 07:31 16 Sep 2005

On checking back I find that my website has been restored somehow. But I would like to enter into a certain page and change a phone number. How do I get about it?

  PurplePenny 13:26 16 Sep 2005

You will need some web creation/editing software. Have you got any? Examples are Serif Web Plus, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Nvu, NetObjects Fusion. If you haven't got anything like that you will need to get hold of some.

It is possible that your web host provides something for you to use, or an online editing facility. Who are you with?

  Revi 15:10 16 Sep 2005

I have frontpage but my host does not support it.

  PurplePenny 15:54 16 Sep 2005

I'm not familiar with Frontpage (so hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong) but I think that all that means is that you can't use Frontpage extensions. I think that you can still use it to edit your site.

I will leave it up to one of the others who knows how to use Frontpage to go into the exact details of what to do next.


  Revi 17:47 16 Sep 2005

Quoting you"I think that you can still use it to edit your site." I have FP 2003 but I do not know how to use it to enter a site that does not support it. If any one knows, I would be glad to know the steps.

  Taran 18:45 16 Sep 2005

Your host would have given you a username, password, FTP address and so on.

If you don't have a copy of your website on your own computer, get FrontPage to import it for you in full.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open FrontPage

2. Close any page or site that opens when you open the program

3. Click on File then click on New

4. Depending on your version of FrontPage you may have to select "Web package solutions" from the right hand panel (in FrontPage 2003). For other versions you get the pop-up menu that selecting "Web package solutions" gives you in FrontPage 2003.

5. Click once on Import Web Site Wizard

6. Name the site in the textbox called "Specify the location of the new Web site:"

7. Click OK

8. Enter the full web address of the site you want to import

9. Click Next

10. Click next on the screen where it says "Choose your destination web location" in the top taskbar and leave the tick in the box that says "Add to current Web site"

11. Click next on the "Set import limits" screen, or you may prefer to tell the import wizard to grab so many levels (folders) deep in your site

12. Sit back and think lofty thoughts while FrontPage pulls a full copy of your site from its location on the web to your hard drive

Now, things to watch out for in the above:

By default the fact that you have no active theme in the new empty web before you start the import process will normally result in FrontPage issuing a warning prompt that the website you are importing was created with FrontPage and that formatting will be applied using the current theme. This can remove any other themes you had applied when you last published the site.

An alternative, if you have FrontPage 2003, is to create a new empty site. Make a new web page in the site and name it anything you like as long as that filename does not exist on your live website (try something like xyz.htm).

Click on File, click on Publish Site, and follow the prompts to enter the web address, username and password.

Choose the option to Synchronise in the Remote Web Site publish view. This will pull all the files on your live site into your root folder on your hard drive and put the xyz.htm file onto the live site.

Delete the xyz.htm file from both the live site and the local copy on your hard drive and you are left with a working copy of your website in the web root folder on your hard drive.

There are other ways but the above two work well enough without breaking a sweat.

Once you have the site copied to your hard drive you can edit it in FrontPage then choose the File, Publish Site option to publish the alterations to your web server.

If you come unstuck in any way, post again with details. If you would like an import of your site as a FrontPage web and have difficulty getting it from web to computer give me a shout (click the envelope icon next to my username) and let me know which version of FrotnPage you are using. I will import the site and email it to you as a compressed Zip file.

Let us know how you get along.


  Forum Editor 18:47 16 Sep 2005

to change it, and you say you're unsure about how to do it - in which case how did you design and publish it in the first place?

You should be able to import almost any web site into FrontPage 2003 - just use the import command on the file menu, and enter the ftp username and password when asked for it.

Your host may not run FrontPage extensions on the server, but you'll still be able to use the software to edit your site. It just means that you can't use any of the special FrontPage components, like hover buttons for instance.

  Forum Editor 18:50 16 Sep 2005

and he's given you a more detailed version of the method to use.

  Revi 19:30 16 Sep 2005

Taran, many thanks. You are always the saviour, as usual! I'll go through instructions and revert therafter, it may take a day or two.
Forum Editor, my website was designed by a hired person or more correctly said a web designing Company.

  Revi 20:16 16 Sep 2005

Ref. your instruction no. 6: when I name the site in the textbox and click okay, up comes a message which says "share point services appear not to have been installed on the web server"!

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