How to Empty my Tiscali Inbox??

  southpaw 19:10 13 Feb 2009


Is it possible to completly empty my Tiscali inbox?

I have filled 98% and keep getting Mailbox is full warnings.

Is it possible to empty the whole inbox rather than deleting page by page?

  MAJ 19:17 13 Feb 2009

Use the message rules in Outlook Express to download all the emails from Tiscali's email server then to delete them from the server. You can then delete them from OE in one fowl swoop.

  southpaw 19:24 13 Feb 2009

Even if I already download them to OE??

Wouldn't that mean I'd then delete all my mail from OE also?

  MAJ 19:29 13 Feb 2009

You didn't say you used OE, southpaw, I assumed you were using Tiscali's webmail option.

You could create another identity in OE and do what I suggested above, in the new identity. That would only download the mail on the server and then delete it from the server, leaving the mail in your original identity intact. You could then delete the new identity.

  Switcher 22:15 13 Feb 2009

I you use OE go to tools> accounts> properties> advanced and untick "leave a copy of my messages on the server" Then the next time you collect your mail in OE your inbox on the WEB server will be emptied.

  ruskle 20:28 13 Oct 2010

I know this is an old thread but I am stuck with the same problem on Tiscali.
I have a Lineone account which is now Tiscali/Talk Talk and the mailbox is full and won't even let me look at it. I have deleted a lot of mail in Windows mail but that doesn't delete the mail in the website. How can I delete mail when I can't even access it? The help files mentions going into command prompt and putting in and then following on their instructions but when I type the above it says it is not a recognized command prompt.The command prompt is followed by USERS and my name but I can't shift it.
Please help as I need to be able to use my email and have been stuck like this for three days.


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