How to edit .ts Files.

  six-h 20:45 26 Sep 2010

I've searched the archives and tried VirtualDub which can't make sense of the files, also tried one that Fruitbat suggested, TS_Packet_Editor with the same result.
These are files copied from my PVR's HDD they will all play in WMP 11, on my Vista PC but not recognised in WMP 11 on my XP PC!
On the Vista PC you can't skip back and forth, just watch from start to finish with the option only to pause.
One of the files strangely will only play once, to re-play it, you must open it again from the video folder!
I would like to edit them in WMM but though they "import", when I select "play" nothing happens (Video or Sound) except that the time lapse counter begins to count!
How do I get inside the TS container to access the video, sound and subtitle files??

  six-h 23:02 26 Sep 2010

Hi David,
VideoRedo looks promising, especially since I can't at present get the subtitles to display at all!
Since it's a "Trial", I'd better pick my time to use it.
It would be a waste just for a couple of files!
I'll keep trying some of the freebies in the meantime...might find one that works.

  robin_x 23:42 26 Sep 2010

I tried editing and burming to DVD when I got my first PVR (.ts) and have messed around with my Hauppage PCI card output too (.ts and .mpg)

After a few months I gave up. It just takes too long.

I do occasionally tinker using Womble MPEG Video Wizard (not free but 30 day trial available if you want to look).

MPEG Streamclip - Free simple editor/converter.

Useful sites:

click here

click here

click here

click here


But if your purpose is to get better playback...

VLC player plays just about anything.

click here

Have fun

  six-h 00:45 27 Sep 2010

Thanks robinofloxley, I too was somewhat underwhelmed by the time taken and the resultant quality of DVD's burned from my TV card, now long gone and not replaced!
I only very occasionally want to save some programme or other to my HDD for my own viewing pleasure, not really anticipating burning discs.

Thanks for the links, I've been meaning to try VLC for a while now.

  six-h 17:12 28 Sep 2010

Hi David, must have missed that post, maybe you posted after I had closed it and I didn't check back!
I've installed VLC, it's a great player, and plays the .ts files I've imported from my VCR perfectly.
The only problem is I still can't get the subtitles to show.
Any idea how to set it up to show them?

  robin_x 18:22 28 Sep 2010

While I don't edit no more, I still record a lot and stick favourites on my ext 500gb hdd until they fall out of favour or I need the space.

Just tried subtitles on a few .ts recorded on my Hauppage HVR1100 PCI card and from my SAGEM 64160T DTR.

Selecting (Menu) Video/Subtitles Track/DVB Subtitles - (English) works fine.

Option - Disabled is selected by default.
Option - Open File... is the only option displayed when I open an mpg from my tuner card.

(the other two are missing, not even greyed out I hate context sensitive menus)

The Hauppage software auto converts ts to mpg as an option.

Obviously the subtitles are not included then.

I never noticed before.

Make sure your PVR options do not preclude subtitles in its ts output.

(you didn't really mean VCR did you?)

  six-h 20:53 28 Sep 2010

Hi Robin,
I'm a total novice at this!
First yes, lol I did mean my PVR!
...(still using old brain!)

It's not looking good, when I click on the "Video" menu in VLC Player, the first two items I get are:
"Video Track" and "Subtitles Track"

"Video Track" has two options: Disabled, & Track 1
the second one is ticked.

"Subtitles Track" has one option: "Open File",
Clicking this just opens the VLC Folder, and I've no idea where to go from there, I've tried every item and sub item in the folder, none are what's required.

My PVR just has the option to "Export to USB", there is no facility for me to crossexamine or view what is being exported.

This I presume would show up in a suitable editing programme since it would be able to open the ".TS" container and make the individual files accessable.
....this is not me being terribly knowledgeable and is probably totally wrong, I'm just piecing together various pearls of wisdom gleaned as I've stumbled along the rocky road that is video encoding!
I'm probably stringing together totally incompatible bits of information.

Think I'm losing the will to live aaargh!

  six-h 23:15 28 Sep 2010

Hi David, thought it might be bad news!
The PVR is a "Wharfedale LP250DTRHDMI"
I'm also trying to get more info on it.
I'm also downloading "MediaCoder" to see if that can help!

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