how to edit the audio of an mp4 video file?

  theDarkness 22:38 26 Aug 2010

can anyone recommend some good tools to edit the audio within an mp4 video file? is there an easy way to simply split the mp4 into its seperate audio and video tracks, edit the mp4 audio (possibly using audacity?) and then combine the 2 files again back into its original mp4 format?

Im merely trying to silence areas of my mp4's audio track (its a mobile phone mp4 video recording), where there is alot of noise half way through, but I do not want to simply delete this section, I want to keep the video and silence the bad audio

thanks for any recommendations if possible

  Woolwell 22:59 26 Aug 2010

Video editing programs will allow you to see video and audio and you can edit audio volume. The problem that I can see if you separate the tracks is getting the audio and video back in sync after the editing. As for tools I will watch this thread with interest as it could be useful for me too.

  lotvic 23:22 26 Aug 2010

mp4 is apple quicktime I think.
so you would have to convert it to something that your editing program can import and then split.

I think Bink & Smacker from RAD Video Tools can do the conversion (it's a free program)

Note that I have no direct knowledge of how to do it :@

  theDarkness 00:07 27 Aug 2010

yes, mp4 is a quicktime container format, and it can contain many types of video. I think its becoming the standard for video, as alot of mobile phones are now beginning to use the format for recorded video.

I have a free video editor, avidemux - if I was able to silence chosen areas of my mp4 video using that, then I wouldnt have to think about having to split the mp4 into its seperate video and audio content, but Im not sure if avidemux is up to the job.

I think as a last resort Ill just convert the mp4 to a high quality avi and then add the silence using an avi editor (since there are hundreds of avi editors out there and very little in the way of mp4 editors that can also edit its audio content.. but if anyone knows of anything-please list it on here). thanks

  theDarkness 01:08 27 Aug 2010

it managed to extract the audio to wav easily enough, thanks. making sure that I dont change the length of the audio, im just hoping that after editing, there will be an easy way for the program to replace the audio on the original video with my edited audio. otherwise ill be looking for an mp4 audio replacement tool! power sound editor seems to be a good tool with alot of options, although im not sure exactly how many work fully with the free version :)

  theDarkness 01:33 27 Aug 2010

I managed to use avidemux for adding my newly edited PowerSoundEditor wav audio - I just had to load up the original video and choose my edited wav as the main audio track. thanks for the link, will check it out

  theDarkness 14:05 27 Aug 2010

does anyone know an easy tool to convert wav to mp4a?

I know my videos play ok as an mp4 with my added edited wav, but some programs do not show the preview of my mp4 any longer as a result. id like to convert the audio to the correct mp4 audio format to see if this fixes it, as it did not do this before (although this could well be an issue with avidemux, regardless of any audio type used).


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