How to dump talktalk after only 2 months?

  Deniset 20:04 29 Feb 2008

Mpved to talktalk because I couold get phone included. Everything ok until a month in, when occasionally not able to send/receive emails. This week have contacted technical support 5 times. Sometimes they try to tell me it is a problem with outlook express, but I dont think it is. How can I leave them without incurring penalities. They were hopeless too at setting up my direct debit.

  tullie 20:14 29 Feb 2008

I doubt you can why dont you think there isent a problem with your Outlook Express installation?

  cocteau48 20:25 29 Feb 2008

Check here to see if their email servers are down:
click here
they have been on and off a bit recently but usually not for very long.

  TonyW2 20:43 29 Feb 2008

I managed to get them to agree to allow cancellation without penalty, even after 30days trial, by continueing with a complaint to their customer service team You probably know all the difficulties of contacting them, but if you persist with your demand for access after you hsve got to the first line support team and refused further "help", you should get there. (Probably after a long hold, but the call is free and you can put your phone on speaker whilst listening to the music!)
A friend achieved this too, but was later pestered by a debt collection firm! (So keep all details of time and date of calls.)
However, and in fairness, you do need to be sure that it is really "their" fault; many problems are not due to the service provision and it can be a pretty cheap deal.
Cocteau is correct--see above-- and this may be the source of your difficulty.
For what it is worth, I settled for them agreeing to let me retain the right of penalty free cancellation whilst continueing to sort out problems. If only they could do this with speed and efficiency, instead of passing everything from one section to another!

  MAJ 20:49 29 Feb 2008

Have you tried setting up a Gmail account, much more reliable in my opinion. I'm with Talktalk and have noticed how slow their email servers can be at times, hence I use my Gmail account most of the time. Don't give yourself the headache, try Gmail.

  Deniset 20:53 29 Feb 2008

Could you explain G mail please. When I was told by techncian it was something wrong with OE, I downloaded and bought a registry cleaner to fix OE

  MAJ 21:01 29 Feb 2008

It's Google Mail, Deniset, it's a web based email client like Hotmail only better, it's free as well. You can also use OE to send and receive Gmail as well as using the web based interface.

  cocteau48 21:04 29 Feb 2008

I would fully endorse MAJ's recommendation for Gmail and here is another which is being promoted in the press at the moment and may well be worth investiating:
[email protected]@reg&gclid=CNa8-aOl6pECFQ5HQwodzhdxeA" title="[email protected][email protected]@reg&gclid=CNa8-aOl6pECFQ5HQwodzhdxeA" TARGET="_new">click here

  cocteau48 21:07 29 Feb 2008

.....and I have no idea why my link has displayed in such an unorthodox fashion but clicking on the first blue bit works!

  Stuartli 23:53 29 Feb 2008

I've been with TalkTalk since a year last April and, despite some early problems due entirely to the sheer volume of new customers, have had an excellent package (TalkTalk International3).

Carphone Warehouse compensated me quite handsomely financially for the early difficulties and since then the remarkable savings I've made each month have further boosted my bank balance.

Billing has been spot on, I get between 6.2MB and 7.2MB broadband speeds and rarely make a phone call, whether in the Uk or abroad, that actually costs me other than the monthly fee.

For £20.50 a month it just can't be beaten.

  Stuartli 23:54 29 Feb 2008

I know at least three other people who are equally delighted with their decision to switch to TalkTalk.

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