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  Dasmad 14:40 01 Jan 2013

I've had a yahoo email address for quite a while, but have only used it for certain purposes and have always accessed it on the web. apart from that I have always used my ISP's email servers for all personal stuff on my pc via outlook express (under win xp) , which I want to retain as email client, because it's simple and good but I want to start accessing yahoo mail from my pc, and sending via yahoo as an option. I've tried something called YPOPs, version, but it just doesn't do the job, so can someone advise me if there are better options ?

  onthelimit1 14:44 01 Jan 2013
  Batch 14:46 01 Jan 2013

Try adding a new mail account in OE (Tools, Accounts, Addd, Mail) using the settings shown here:

  wiz-king 15:41 01 Jan 2013

Time to start thinking for the future. OE is not available on Win7 or later so you might like to think about using a different client. I use Pegasus but there are lots available, if you use MS Office then Outlook is a very good client.

  Dasmad 15:43 01 Jan 2013

hey, thanks for those links, basically giving the same info , but doesn't seem to work for me - it looks like it's working then just keeps asking for my password, which I've obviously yahoo email address is a .com, but my isp is a uk satellite provider address, so should I still be using in the pop and smtp addresses or what ?

  lotvic 15:51 01 Jan 2013

Accounts: Servers: In (POP3): (or I find it works on either, useful if one server is down) Out SMTP: (or tick: My server requires Authentication

Advanced: Outgoing mail port SMTP 587 Incoming POP3 port 995 tick This server require a secure connection SSL

collecting on pc won't work until you go online and into Webmail Account Options and tick for Allow POP in mail forwarding

  Dasmad 15:54 01 Jan 2013

I know OE is old hat but it aint broke and I prefer it to Outlook.....but I will take a look at Pegasus. I actually have a win7 netbook, but reluctantly use Thunderbuird there, mainly to be able to access my local folders and keep up with email when travelling.

  Dasmad 16:15 01 Jan 2013

that's a good point lotvic but it seems I can't forward without signing up to yahoo mail plus, which I don't want to do - no chance then ?

  Sea Urchin 17:06 01 Jan 2013

but my isp is a uk satellite provider address

Shouldn't you therefore be using the ISP outgoing address (SMTP) and Yahoo for the Incoming (POP)

lotvic will know better I think

  lotvic 17:33 01 Jan 2013

I gave the settings I have for my Outlook Express, (free) yahoo pop email account and they work ok for me.

Might be a workaround to get to the POP setting.. Try following the steps 1 - 8 on this guide under How to switch

  lotvic 17:35 01 Jan 2013

ps, my ISP is TalkTalk

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