how does this work?

  harps1h 21:58 15 Sep 2005

i want to set up a home network for 2 computers. the builder suggested that to put a telephone point in the room where this computer will be placed would be a waste. he then suggested that i put the router at the telephone point in the hall and run the 2 computers from that using wireless networking. i want to use wireless but i am unsure that this is an appropriate solution. can anyone verify that this is a good solution and if not what way would you suggest that i could do it

  woodchip 22:05 15 Sep 2005

You need the router close to one of the Computer so you can connect with a Ethernet cable. As you will not be able to set it up without a direct connection first. Then you could move it. but I would not recommend both on Wireless as you have to access a web page to setup the router. PS you do not need to Network them on BB if you only want to connect to the Net. With BB you can have one or both on togther, without networking them

  Superstylin 22:11 15 Sep 2005

it's also recommended that you have at least one computer hard wired to the router incase a problem with the wireless connection occurs. then, at least, you'll have one computer with connection to access site's like this one to get your wireless back up and working!

  harps1h 08:08 16 Sep 2005

there will only be one point apart from the main telephone point and the second one will be in my daughters bedroom where there will be no telephone point. i want a phone bill not a third world national debt!

  harps1h 08:09 16 Sep 2005

sorry should have said the second computer would be in my daughters bedroom

  interzone55 08:57 16 Sep 2005

What kind of distance is the main phone socket from the main PC. Broadband will cope with a 15 metre run through a decent telephone extension. I know my 2Mbs broadband does.

  woodchip 09:04 16 Sep 2005

i want a phone bill not a third world national debt!!!!!!! Where does that come in? I only offerd Advice that is the way to Go, and is cheaper than putting another phone point in. click here

and a PCI Ethernet card for a desktop computer that does not have Ethernet connection. Any of these will do for the computer near to the router, You need a Free PCI slot click here

  woodchip 09:14 16 Sep 2005

You also need a Extension Wire and filters all should be less than £15. The modem will probable have a Ethernet wire some have filters also in the box

  harps1h 09:34 16 Sep 2005

the third world debt comes from my daughter having access to a telephone in her bedroom not your advice. sorry about the misunderstanding!!

  harps1h 09:43 16 Sep 2005

to be honest the way i probably want to do it is to link to this computer via ethernet to a wireless modem/router. then my daughter via a receiver. if affordable i would seriously consider pre n as there will be some file sharing as well as connection sharing involved. the reason for this thread was to seek opinion on the notion of having the router totally seperate from the computer and just connected to the main telephone point in the hallway. woodchip and superstylin69 seem to have addressed this. however i am uncertain as to which brand to look at for this setup. any other advice on that?

  woodchip 09:53 16 Sep 2005

I use a 3Com click here

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