how does this system look?

  fbadt 20:40 04 Jan 2009

hey all, I know I've basically posted this question before, but could I get some advice on this system (Novatech, in their sales) with a view to comfortably gaming on it for a few years? It seems the best for the price (573 although I also need to buy an O/S). I understand from earlier posts the graphics aren't the best, but they'll do for a while until I can upgrade - I'm assuming I can upgrade? it's the best memory/graphics/ processor/price mix I've found, I have a limit of 600, 700 with the o/s. Could I change one of the cards for one more powerful eventually, or do I have to do both at the same time? and the quad core is workable for a while isn't it? as is, what do you guys think is the 'life' on this system before I start struggling, can I upgrade the cards/processor easily enough? bare in mind I've been using a P4 gForce FX system for four years, so I'm a good 2yrs behind on gaming, so I have some catching up to do. I'm also clueless about upgrading. as a final question, if I get vista, can I install it without any net access? I haven't got anything where the pc will be placed.
thanks, appreciate any advice, itching to buy!

click here

Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q93000 1066FSB 6MB Cache Quad Core Core 64 Bit Processor
Processor Speed 4 x 2.5GHz
Memory 2GB DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel Ram
Hard Drive 500GB(2 x 250GB) Serial ATA II Hard drive with 16MB Buffer
Graphics Dual Nvidia 8600GT 1024MB PCI-E Graphics Running In SLI Mode
Sound ADI 1988B 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC
Motherboard P5N-T Deluxe Full SLI nVidia 780i
Memory Slots 4 x DDR2 Slots
Memory Capacity 8GB

  retep888 00:43 05 Jan 2009

<<Could I change one of the cards for one more powerful eventually, or do I have to do both at the same time?>>
Yes,you can change for more powerful cards later but only with 1 single card or 2 of the same kind,you can't just replace 1 of the 8600gt,it won't work.

<< if I get vista, can I install it without any net access? I haven't got anything where the pc will be placed.>>
Yes,you still can activate Vista by telephone.If you go to the activation screen, there should be an option that says "other ways to activate". From there you can choose to activate by phone and when you tell it your location it will give a list of numbers to use.

<<what do you guys think is the 'life' on this system before I start struggling>>
Sorry,I don't want to be mean but some of your specs are already dated by today's standard and yes you can still play new games at medium to high setting depanding on your monitor's native resolution(you didn't mention what monitor you already got and the package doesn't seem to include one at all)but you'll certainly start "struggling" trying to play on higher resolution such as 1900x1200 on 24" monitor.

  fbadt 09:37 05 Jan 2009

thanks retep888 thats all good info, just to follow up, as I'm not very tech-savvy with PC's, where else is this system starting to look dated? I know there's the new i7 and the card(s) aren't high-end, but I just can't afford a system that high, this seems the best mix for the price, what else is going to be a problem with this system - everything!? My idea was to get this, hopefully play at a good standard for a year or so, and update as I go along, would I be able to do that with this motherboard? I don't want to spend 600-odd and it be obsolete in 18mnths.

  Gav5 13:22 05 Jan 2009

I would change the twin 8600's for a single 4870. should't be much of a price difference and much better potential to add a second in a years time if you thought it needed.
I don't think 8600's have DX10 which if you're using Vista 64bit, you'll be wanting for gaming. I would drop the twin Pci board in favour of a cheaper board with a single Pci x 16 slot. I find it better to upgrade graphics regularly, selling the old one on ebay.

Also, if possible increase the RAM to 4Gb.

  retep888 14:29 05 Jan 2009

from Dell click here
If you want an up to date CPU then change to a Q8200 wth no extra charge which you won't tell any performance difference between it and the Q6600 or even the Q9300. It may be beneficial to pay extra £30 to upgrade to 3GB of ram.

If you have a monitor for use then go for this one
click here
This package has a better graphic card and bigger hard drive and more ram,again you can change to Q8200 with no extra charge if you want.

All these systems come with windows Vista home premium installed so no need to do it yourself and no activation needed.
Up to date graphic cards were installed as well as DDR3 ram,free delivery until 7/1/09 and 1 year call in and onsite support also with necessary software such as MS Work to start with.

These package should keep you going safely for a few years and should you wish to upgrade either the CPU or graphic cards( maybe ATI 4870x2 if the price drops considerably in 12-18 months),there shouldn't be any problem.

And most important thing is that the price range is within your budget.

  fbadt 10:27 14 Jan 2009

Hi, just to let you know I went for the Dell system you suggested retep888, it was delivered yesterday and seems awesome, thanks for the advice, really appreciated it.
cheers, fbt

  retep888 12:06 14 Jan 2009

We'd like to know which package you went for and if you'd changed any options,perhaps? :-)

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