How does spyware blaster work?

  suburban train 00:57 15 Feb 2003

Ive got spyware blaster with all the newest updates but how does this program work?

I have all the boxes ticked and protect enabled.

when i surf the net do i start the program or does it work in the background


  MAJ 01:01 15 Feb 2003

It works, by not allowing those ticked entries to be installed on your PC. You don't have to start it running.

  kuhbler 04:25 15 Feb 2003

It writes entrys to the registry I think.

Therefore, when you update it and click Protect, you're done!

  hoverman 07:43 15 Feb 2003

It saves so called 'kill bits' to the registry. Not only will Spywareblaster stop nasties getting on to your system, but it will also stop any spyware from runung that are already there..

  hoverman 07:44 15 Feb 2003

for 'runung' read 'running'.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:32 15 Feb 2003

It achieves this by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage. This allows you to run Internet Explorer with Active-X enabled, but it will never download or even prompt you for any of the known ActiveX controls. All other Active-X controls or plug-ins will work fine.

The SpywareBlaster database contains information on these known spyware
Active-X controls and can be updated with the click of a button.

The application windows displays a list of all controls that it is able to detect (this is not a list of what was found on your computer).
The program cannot detect if you have any of the known objects already installed, but if you do, they will be disabled.

Spyware is not the exotically named 'nasties'. It is merely an advertising tools that tracks your internet wanderings...the important bit...anonymously. This helps advertisers to target their adverts. Contrary to popular belief the Internet is NOT a free resource. It is extremely expensive to run and someone has to pay The Man in the end...better the advertisers than us. ;-))


  hoverman 10:47 15 Feb 2003

"Nasties" is a pet name I call anyhing that gets on my PC without my permission. Joking aside, would you kindly explain the difference between Spywareblaster and Ad-aware. I thought spyware was a different animal to adverts.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:58 15 Feb 2003

Yup!...adverts are displayed on your computer as you surf as pop-ups etc.,(incidentally this is how I 'found' Crucial). The adverts usually display and then disappear. 'Spyware' tracks which sites you visit anonymously and then can assess your surfing habits. This info is relayed to advert placement servers so that they can target your specific interests. For example if I visit loads of PC mag sites this info would be placed as a tiny cookie on my computer so that as I surf it sends the info to a server and I would get the occasional advert for various PC magazines etc.

When you sign up for any ISP you automatically agree to a contract which usually has a paragraph about cookies and sending information to servers so you have, in effect, given them permission. I see nothing wrong in this as sites cost loads of wonga to run and they rely on adverts to cover the costs. No adverts = subscriptions. The net is also an open, mainly free resource, so anyone that thinks they have a right to privacy or anonymity is dreaming. Generally, unless there are site subs, you do not pay for the use of the net only for the connection. Sites get no funding from ISPs. Blocking adverts/'spyware' is a bit like buying a newspaper and cutting out or blanking all the adverts.

If anyone is truly paranoid about 'spyware' and tracking then I would suggest that they never use a credit/debit/store loyalty card ever again. Recently I visited Barclaycard in Northants and the information (time, place, buying habits) gleaned from credit/debit cards would put the paranoid in their boxes early.

Personally I don't give a pigs' burp aboput adverts and spyware but each to their own and no whining when sites go subscription only like the lamers at Ars ;-)))).


  hoverman 13:15 15 Feb 2003

Many thanks.

abolakrami. My apologies for posting a question via your thread, although the reply from GANDALF <|:-)> will be of interest to you.

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