How does new hardware affect Windows validity

  griffon 56 02:57 21 Jul 2007

Hi all,

I'm about to fit a new mobo in a 2 year old out of garantee Acer Inspire T310 and am hoping to use the same HDD and Win XP OS as originally loaded.

What is my chance of success with this procedure? How does MS view this change? and How do I contact them for re-validation of the OS?

  Jack Hackett 03:28 21 Jul 2007

I assume you are doing a clean install of the OS and it is an OEM version.
When it comes to validation, if it doesnt validate over the net, call MS tell them you have done a system REPAIR.
It was terrible that the other motherboard caught fire wasnt it?!

  User-312386 07:57 21 Jul 2007

As Jack Hackett has said, do an install, try to validate, if it does validate, all well and good, If it doesn't validate a number will pop up telling you who to call.

Like jack has said, that motherboard fire was awful :)

  User-1159794 08:12 21 Jul 2007

Jack Hackett/madboy33©®. LOL.
I've had a couple of fires,careless with matches I suppose.
Still no problems activating over the phone.

  Stuartli 08:21 21 Jul 2007

I've fitted a couple of new motherboards in my system over the last 18 months or so.

All that is required (because XP doesn't always take to a new motherboard) is, on first bootup, to do an XP Repair. See:

click here:


click here

for details. Do NOT select the Recovery Console method.

You may also need to reinstall SP2; completely replacing all the critical security updates etc can be achieved with the latest version of AutoPatcher. See:

click here

and the update:

click here

or click here

  griffon 56 12:53 22 Jul 2007

Hi Jack/Madboy,

Do I know you? What was all that about the fire? It wasn't mentioned in the original post and tho' there is another one about a modem being fried by lightning last Thursday, that was on another computer and was a figure of speech for the alarming event which actually turned out not to have been too serious. Just to explain.

It seemed so at the time. I looked up from the keyboard as the skies went dark, just as there was the most almighty bang from close by, followed by very loud thunder. The computer went off, there was another two strikes, at which a very bright blue spark shot out of the front of the display screen accompanied by a loud crack, and I slunk into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, but the power was off.

A judicious hour later I switched back on with the return of power to find that both the computer and display were alright, it didn't even run Scandisk, but the modem was u/s. There, that sorts the fire situation, now back to the present post.

I regret I haven't got any kind of full copy of XP, only a Recovery disc supplied by Acer when the computer was new, and, I suspect that what is still on the hard drive might well be missing a file called, 'NTldr', which I'm assuming means 'New Technology Loader'.

What my question was really asking, tho' badly expressed, was whether I could get away with just plugging in the old HDD 'as is' and using the Recovery disc to make it fit the the requirements of the new mobo regarding drivers, etc. I was hoping that if I was in luck the OS would start, recognise the mobo and load the drivers, or I thought that I could perhaps boot to the CDROM and try it from there, if I can get into the BIOS to change the boot record. Before the new mobo the machine wasn't even getting past the POST. If I had an OEM or other version of XP I wouldn't be that worried because I've seen that others have successfully re-validated after a re-load thro' mobo failure, it's the tricky question of whether the machine would work with the existing OS that concerns me.


Thanks for all that. I haven't had time to look at the links yet, but if what I've posted above changes things, please advise.

Thanks everybody.

  User-312386 22:53 23 Jul 2007

Hi the answer is no

You cant do it as the original drive has a "tatoo" by the manufacturer, the OS dies with the HDD.

Keep the same HDD and see if it validates, mine and Jack's talking were a little tongue in cheek

  Strawballs 00:40 24 Jul 2007

If you can get exactly the same make and model of MoBo you should be ok

  Strawballs 00:43 24 Jul 2007

Also I did this with my brother-inlaws machine using different MoBo and explained over phone and they gave 16 digit activation number and to my surprise I had no driver conflicts, got away with that one but have not always been so lucky.

  griffon 56 14:31 12 Aug 2007

Thanks everybody,
Your advice is much appreciated, I've been away since the thread started and haven't had a chance to try anything yet. I'll post when I've been successful.

  griffon 56 12:40 24 Aug 2007

The new mobo boots OK but as Windows starts to load, (Last known good configuration, Normal, Safe Mode, whatever), a message pops up "The file 'C\Windows\System32\Config\System' is missing". I rather expected something like this because I'd been told the hard drive was suspected corrupt and earlier on another machine it reported that file 'NTLdr' was missing. Neither the 'Recovery' CD nor the 'System' CD from the original machine will boot and there is a message with the 'System' CD, "This is not a valid Acer System CD" or something like that. Clearly, tied to the original mobo.

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