How does my site's redesign look?

  Red Devil 23:32 21 Jun 2005

Ok, I've had a bit of a revamp of my site click here and was after some opinion on how it compares with the old design click here

So what do you think?

Any opinions would be greatly welcomed.


  Compassion 00:51 22 Jun 2005

Personally I much prefer the look of the new site to the old one. The design seems much more coherent, particularly the colour scheme. The new format of the link menu on the right is much better - it fits in with the rest of the page. I think the photo gallery and the forum are especially good features. A few things I noticed:

- you're missing titles on a few of the pages. "Club history", for example, is an untitled document
- in the menu bar, the link text overlaps the football images a little. I'm not sure if this is deliberate.
- you could stand to float the text a tiny bit further away from the images, if possible. For example, on the home page, the text around the Eddie Harper picture could move a couple of pixels to the right.
- in the forum, the red text on the white background is a bit difficult to read - maybe a slightly darker shade of red?

This is all really nit-picking - the new site looks very nice.

The only other thing I'd suggest would be using CSS to style your pages (tutorials : click here). It makes it easier to play around with format and layout when designing pages.


  Red Devil 07:21 22 Jun 2005

Thanks for the comments.

1 - I have now added cell padding to a lot of the tables I use on my pages so that the text isn't so close to the table borders and images. Hopefully that should look a little better. I'll update any other tables where necessary to have the same cell padding should I find the same problem with any of them.

2 - It is deliberate that the text on the menu items overlap the image but I'm not 100% sure if this works. I might try and redesign the images to "fade" the football part of it a little more if possible so that the text is easier to read. If I can't achieve this then I'll just move the text away from the image altogether.

3 - I wasn't aware of the pages not having titles - cheers for that. I thought I'd put them in but obviously not. I'll rectify that today.

4 - I totally agree about the forum but I am currently configuring a new one as I'm currently using vBulletin and I can't see a reason to justify spending £40 a year for a licence on it when it doesn't seem much more powerful than the free, open source program phpBB - if anything, I'm finding phpBB easier to configure. I think the appearanc is just as good as vBulletin too. I should have the new forum up and running by the end of the week, including having the forum's appearance match that of the rest of the site. That should improve the coherence of the site.

Thanks for your comments so far. They've helped me tweak a few niggles to improve the site's design.

  Himself 09:33 22 Jun 2005

I'm not sure about the vivid red background.I find it distracting from the content and tiring on the eyes.

The text overlapping the football on the menu items is a definite problem. Quite apart from the fact that there is difficulty in deciphering the letters that are over the ball, it appears at first glance as though there is a problem with the display. Incidentally, why are the first two menu items (in both menus) closer together than the rest?

  Red Devil 10:02 22 Jun 2005

OK - I'm definitely going to change the menu items now. I was going for something a little distinctive and it's obviously not worked. No use being distinctive if you can't read the text!I'll change it so that the text is next to the images rather than overlapping. Just as well that I've got a blank template of this image with no writing on!

Think I've sussed out why there's a smaller gap between the first 2 menu items. I've put a space between all the other menu items but apparently not the first 2. Have changed it and will upload the new pages soon.

Sorry that you find the background colour tiring but the club's main colour is red so I kind of need to keep the red as an integral part of the design. Might have a look at minimising the amount of red if I get a number of similar comments to yours over the background colour.

Cheers for the comments.

  phil 12:07 22 Jun 2005

[quote] the club's main colour is red [unquote]

I had the same problem with my site click here for Kidderminster Harriers.

I compromised by using #C60000 (Dark Red)instead of #FF0000 (Red) and now the Official website have followed suit.


  Red Devil 12:21 22 Jun 2005

That's a damned good idea regarding the shade of red. I might have to plagiarise that too and see what it looks like! ;)

Certainly I'll have a look at some darker shades of red than I'm currently using.

Cheers for that.

  Red Devil 12:35 22 Jun 2005

So tell me if you think it's less tiring on the eyes to read now.

Hopefully it is.

  phil 13:18 22 Jun 2005

Much nicer.

Try using a stylesheet to make wholesale changes rather than just the one page at a time approach.

  Red Devil 13:42 22 Jun 2005

In the midle of implementing that stylesheet to my site now.

Then I only have to change 1 page rather than the - current - 160+!

  phil 16:42 22 Jun 2005

160? Mere stripling!!

77 folders
926 html files
1833 graphic and other files

Then again my sites been running for 6 years now.

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