How does file sharing really work?

  JerryJay 12:19 15 Mar 2004

I want to find out the principle of file sharing.

My kids want to install file sharing software such as Kazza. So far, I have managed to stop them doing this, but they keep telling me all their friends use it (kds always say this, do they?).

I would like to know more about files sharing, so I can put my points to kids more strongly. (1) If you download something from someone else, do you have to send something as well. (2) Does program such as Kazza just search your HD and send out anything someone else want. (3) If program such as Kazza cannot find anything on your HD someone else want, it will just randomly pick something to send out. (4) Do you know what have been taken from your machine?

  Kate B 12:29 15 Mar 2004

If your kids MUST use Kazaa, get them to install Kazaa Lite from click here

The full-fat version is riddled with spyware and other nasties. Either way, update and then run Adaware and Spybot after you install it.

It sets up a shared folder into which by default anything downloaded is saved. You can add further folders which you're prepared to share, usually your music folder. You don't have to share files on your PC, but it's considered good P2P etiquette to do so, and you might find yourself blocked if you don't.

The only thing Kazaa Lite will search is folders you have allowed it to share - it shouldn't pluck other stuff off your drive, but then as I say, it's riddled with nasties and you should keep a very sharp eye on it.

Your firewall will have a fit and you'll have to set the permissions for it.

I'll leave the arguments about the legality and desirability to sharing copyright files to others. Suffice to say I've used Kazaa Lite successfully and with the proper protections in place - firewall, anti-virus softwae, regular scans for malware and other nasties - I've never had any problems.

Finally, though, don't do it on a dial-up: anything you download or upload will take forever.

Hope that helps ...

  JerryJay 12:36 15 Mar 2004

Kate B,

Many thanks for your reply. After reading your reply, it seems that I have not have a strong case to argue with kids now. The best solution would be get another PC. Get another pc is not a big probelm, just a place to put and work on it.

  Kate B 12:42 15 Mar 2004

JerryJay, that sounds drastic but effective - let 'em have a barebones machine with nothing sensitive. Good luck.

  Djohn 13:10 15 Mar 2004

It's really refreshing to see an answer like your's. The facts given in a clear concise way without giving unasked for moral guidance. Well done. :o)

Just one small note:

I also use Kazzaa Lite from time to time, by its very nature you are circumventing your firewall so having a firewall really makes no difference at all.(in relation to P2P i mean).

You MUST scan every download before use and ensure that you keep it updated, and by that i mean daily.

Good luck

  Kate B 13:56 15 Mar 2004

thanks Djohn! I know I'm at odds with some members on music-sharing, so I thought it best to leave that stuff out.

  soy 15:13 15 Mar 2004

1) No,

2) Kazaa sets up a shared folder on your hard drive and anything in this folder is shared amongst kazaa users. You can set up sub folders within this folder if you want.

3) Basically when someone searches for a file, kazaa will scan your folder and if it can't find the file, it will move on to someone elses shared folder.

4) Yes, the kazaa interface has 2 screens i think, One for downloads and another for uploads. You can track what ever is going in and out of your shared folder.

  The Spires 15:29 15 Mar 2004

I thought that Kazaa had kyboshed the Kazaa Lite program. click here

  ianeon 15:37 15 Mar 2004

Try "winmx" from click here it is free from spy/adware

  JerryJay 16:00 15 Mar 2004

Thanks again for advice.

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