How does "click here" work ?.

  standby 13:47 19 Jun 2005

Just know there will be a simple answer but help for a novice will be appreciated.

Assuming I have a technical query and request advice on the forum, there seems to be a good chance that the helpful information provided will also include an invitation to "click here" for access to a Web is done, how does it work ?.

Cheers folks and thanks in anticipation.


  Joe R 13:48 19 Jun 2005

just copy and paste the url, from the address bar.

  p;3 14:06 19 Jun 2005

I learnt this from the advise of others ; to open another browser window by pressing ctrl and n; then you have two windows open; refer to one window for the URL you wish to get,right click to copy it, then return to the other window with your thread in it and right click to paste the url in the thread; when you then press post response, the entry should appear as a click here

as this example whre I have just opened another window and copied any url from the forum into your thread

click here

or you can hover over the thread itself and do a copy shortcut and paste it into your thread as this example

click here; both those click heres are random selections for you:))

it is best with two browser windows open; as I was taught by others including Vog:)) have a practice, and hope that helps:)

  standby 14:45 19 Jun 2005

Cheers Joe R and P;3,

Many thanks for your help, the method has had me puzzled for quite some time...all clear now !.

Thanks again, Best regards, Standby

  YinHoNg 15:15 19 Jun 2005

More interestingly, what is the code for this? I'm assumin just a test for http at the beggining of a String?

  Dorsai 16:59 19 Jun 2005


More interestingly, what is the code for this? I'm assumin just a test for http at the beggining of a String?

end quote.

There is no code.

The 'code' bit is done by the PCA database server. It converts a web site address into a hyper link, replaced by click here.

On some other sites the code would be [url=http: \\ www . bbc . co . uk ]Click Here[/url]

(without any spaces). http:\\click here

Just type the link, and tyhis site does the code for you.

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