how do you use ftp to access your websites docs?

  athenrye 14:56 10 Apr 2008

can someone explain how to do this please
im lost, i usually use my web making programme to ftp it to the webspace

i now need to go in to the website and delete some docs
can anybody explain how to, or know of a how to web link to do it


  DieSse 15:30 10 Apr 2008

Get yourself an ftp program - buy or free.

Then you can view the directories on the host and do all the normal things with files.

Put free ftp program into a google search and take your pick.

Of for a more professional approach, try CuteFtp.

  athenrye 15:01 16 May 2008

need a wee bit more help
im usinbf a proper ftp programme and can log and see my docs etc
i can upload filles no bother, just dont know where to put them

i was told to put them in my root folder, the thing is my folders dont have a root folder...well certainly not called that!
the first folder has a (/) as its name with the other folders like images etc in it

is this my root folder?

the thing is i want to put a PDF file that i have on my website, ive uploaded it to the (/) folder and can see it using my ftp

but how do i link to it on my web design programme? if i put a pdf in it how do i get its www address, whats the link to it?


  DieSse 20:45 16 May 2008

"is this my root folder?"

Yes - the root folder doesn't have a name. It's just the space at the bottom of the tree that all other folders and files are put into.

"but how do i link to it on my web design programme?"

How you put links in depends entirely on what software you are using to construct your web site.

The web address for the pdf file will be

http:// www .

Note - the spaces are not really there around the www and first . I put them in to stop it turning into a "click here"

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