How do you switch off Norton, Please??

  Wak 19:25 01 Jul 2005

An elderly friend of mine lives 150 miles away so I can't easily pop round to help her.
She has Windows 98SE running with AOL and also has Norton I.S.(?) installed. She is not very computer literate.
One part of Norton works (which I gather is the Firewall part) but another two parts are not switched on. It is the firewall part which is the problem.
Sometimes Norton apparently objects to a download from a trusted site and she has been advised to switch Norton off just for this particular download and then to switch it back on again.
She can turn it off using Ctrl, Alt and Del (as when doing a defrag) but can't find any other method to turn it off temporarily.
She does not have an icon near the clock (to right click and select EXIT) and I know absolutely nothing about Norton.
Could some kind soul explain to me where she can look in order to switch Norton off occasionally, please??
Many thanks.

  Technotiger 20:08 01 Jul 2005

click here

Good luck.

  Technotiger 20:11 01 Jul 2005

PS - best to get rid of Norton altogether, IMHO.

Use instead click here a very easy to use Firewall - needs no fiddling, all automatic.
For the 1st month of use you have the Full program, after that it continues in Free Program mode - which is perfectly adequate - I use it myself.

Also make sure she has AVG or Avast anti virus.


  R4 20:29 01 Jul 2005

Right Click on Firewall Icon in the status bar, then click on 'Disable'

To re enable do same except click on 'Enable/

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:36 01 Jul 2005

after reading all these post about how many problems Norton causes, that there are still people defending it to the death. It certainly is the subject of more Helproom posts than any other software (Windows included).

Perhaps it would make the subject of an interesting PC Advisor Poll.

  Rotenone 20:53 01 Jul 2005

Everybody above- thankyou.

  Rotenone 20:54 01 Jul 2005

Everybody above- thankyou.

  Technotiger 20:54 01 Jul 2005

Hi, I don't think FE would allow that - Norton is a commercial product, such a poll might arouse the makers anger, and who could blame them. I think it is just up to the individual user, some people like it others don't. Personally I am in the 'don't like' category.


  Wak 21:00 01 Jul 2005

Technotiger, Thanks for the link. I'll have a read and sort it from there.
I agree, I wouldn't have Norton in the house but it's her computer and not mine. She can't even switch it off never mind uninstall it.
I use Sygate myself.

R4, She hasn't got an icon on the task bar, That's the whole problem!!!

Arthur Scrimshaw, I'm certainly not defending it and I've been on this forum long enough to know the problems it causes but as I said above, it's not my computer and I'm only trying to help her out with a problem.

Anyway, thanks a lot friends, I should sort it from your replies.

  thetrucker 00:08 02 Jul 2005

Technotiger and Arthur Scrimshaw ,

Just browsing the forum and couldn't resist joining after reading this thread. You both do talk some rubbish.

How can you possibly criticise Norton? It's the Bees Knees. More people probably use Norton for computer protection than the sum total of all other security products. Norton is so easy to use that only computer illiterates would have trouble with it. Those that use the freebies are probably cheapskates and just like to knock Norton because they can't get it for free. Not legally anyway. It is a superb product. I have seen enough criticism in the mags for other paid for or free products as well as readers problems with said products.

Drop your preconceived ideas, spend a few bob, and come aboard the good ship Norton. You won't regret it.


  gizajob 00:21 02 Jul 2005

I agree with you, nortons great and it's about time someone spoke up for it and put the knockers to shame. Keep up the good work and spread the word. Lets keep computers safe.


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