How do you stop SPAM

  Spr 22:18 04 Feb 2006

Using Outlook Express 6 is there anyway one can stop Spam getting through I have tried using Message “Create Rule from Message” & “Block Sender” all to no avail
I don’t like receiving Spam as some of the contents are offensive especially with young ones around. I have tried my ISP Tiscali for help but all they give you is a number to ring & been slightly deaf I don’t understand what they are saying

I am using Windows XP Pro

  octal 22:32 04 Feb 2006

A lot of people seem to be using Mailwasher click here

  mr gee 22:45 04 Feb 2006

i use a programme called spam fighter

  bluto1 22:51 04 Feb 2006

Spr, Get in touch with me via yellow envelope
and I`ll send you a CD with a free version of a spam killer. Please be aware that I am genuine, and that no harm will come to you or yours by doing as I ask. But remember I need an address to send the CD to. Up to you.

  spuds 23:00 04 Feb 2006

K9 click here is a good programme for spam. Comes with a set-up/start-up guide to make things easier.

  freaky 18:44 05 Feb 2006

If you have NTL in your area, then they do filter for spam. I used to get about 60 per day until NTL introduced this free service - as a result I get about 3 per day.

Norton AntiSpam is also good, it does not stop spam - it automaticaly sends them to a spam folder - it is a simple matter to delete them.

  SANTOS7 18:52 05 Feb 2006

bluto1, why not post the link, if it is a free spam killer why not sharee it with others on this forum who may benefit by it...

  961 18:56 05 Feb 2006

Mailwasher works

Just don't ever bounce spam. That's a sure way to multiply by 10

  Stuartli 18:58 05 Feb 2006

Move from OE6 to Mozilla Thunderbird..:-)

Apart from the virtual disappearance of any requirement to constantly update OE (and the same with Mozilla Firefox in contrast to Internet Explorer), Thunderbird has a Junk filter than you can "train" to automatically and instantly send unwanted e-mails to the Junk folder.


click here

  Stuartli 18:59 05 Feb 2006

You are able to import your OE and (in the case of Firefox) IE configuration and settings either whilst installing Thunderbird or later as necessary.

  bluto1 22:01 05 Feb 2006

SANTOS7, I cannot post a link except to say it`s a CD from PC Pro with a free version of McAfee
spam killer. I`ve not looked on their site to see if it can be picked up. Sorry about this, I thought I was doing somebody a favour. CD in post first thing Monday AM.

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