How do you stop Automated ISDN phone calls?

  hattersman 13:20 15 Jan 2008

I am not up on telecoms but I ahve been tasked by my small company to
help get rid of Nuisance calls we are receiving.
Whats happening about 5 or 6 times a day is an automated call
displaying ISDN on the phones display is ringing on all the DDI No on
our system.
I have phoned our telephone maintenace company who said only the
telephone line people (NTL) can help.
I phoned them and they said only our telephone maintenace company can
help, so I am stuck in the middle not knowing what to do next.

Also on a PBX system is there a way that I can do a 1471 to see if I
can get the tel No of the people doing this.

Any help greatly appreciated..


  birdface 13:24 15 Jan 2008

I have asked hattersman to open this new thread with a different headline that may explain his problem better,This is his previous thread which he will be closing here

  birdface 14:31 15 Jan 2008

This from Virgin.If you are receiving unsolicited sales and marketing voice recorded messages down your telephone line, and you have not given prior consent to receive such messages, you can ask the marketer to stop sending these. They are legally obliged to act upon your request. If you are still receiving such calls you can complain either to the Direct Marketing Association or the Information Commissioners Office.

If you have been troubled by calls where the phone rings but on answering there is no one there, you may wish to register your number on the Silent Callgard Service on 0870 4443969.

Not a great deal of help.I suppose what you are supposed to do is listen to the call and if they say who they are or leave a contact number you have to contact them and tell them that you do not want any more calls from them,They are then legally bound to remove your name from the call list.I think that you will find more about it with that first click here that I sent you.

  hattersman 14:41 15 Jan 2008

Thanks for that buteman. They do not say who they are and they withold their number so it is difficult to stop them that way. As i said originally I am in the middle because NTL say it can be done on the PBX, but the people who run our system say it is the people who run the tele line that can block it?
i want to know who, if anyone can stop this nuisance!!

  birdface 23:54 15 Jan 2008

You do not seem to be getting any help here.It is an awkward one.I have found out with Virgin it all depends who you talk to.Some explain it better than others,I am with Virgin and sometimes if you threaten to leave and try and go through with it.You get a better service as they try hard to keep you.Being a small company may be a bit more difficult but worth a try,Just tell them that you are not happy with there phone service and that you are loosing customers through it.And if they cannot help that you may have to try elsewhere.Or put them on there back foot and when you contact them ask to get put through to their complaints department.I am sorry that I have not been of any help.I was hoping that someone else would have joined in with a bit of help for you.But this is something that does not crop up very often.

  Graham. 08:53 16 Jan 2008

Please clarify - are your phone lines on cable? The ISDN you mention, is this what is displayed on the ringing extension?

  babybell 09:44 16 Jan 2008

click here

We used this when we were receiving 5 or 6 calls an day on our home phone. This makes it an offence for them to ring. Gave it a couple of weeks and after that we have had nothing since!

  clock 09:55 16 Jan 2008

Ref. Babybell's reply.

The TPS can only help where calls originate in this country. Most of the silent calls, and many of the other nuisance calls perporting to be from BT etc., originate in other countries. I have had a number of these calls and BT said they couldn't stop them. This was last year and coincidentally I have had non for some time now.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


  birdface 10:13 16 Jan 2008

Phoned Virgin this morning and told them that I was getting those automated calls and could they stop them.I was told to try TPS which I already sent you but it did not stop the automated calls.Not a lot that they can do they said.Just to find out who is making the call,And phone them and tell them to stop.The lady that I was talking to had the same problem and was getting about 5 or 6 of those calls every day.Maybe getting someone in the technical side to speak to you might help.But not looking good.

  hattersman 12:20 16 Jan 2008

Thanks for all the replies.
Graham, we are on cable lines using NTL. Anyd YES the Isdn is displayed on the handsets and the number is witheld.
I have also since discovered that they are not going to the 10 DDI no's, but the Night services internal ext we have set up, thought the night service is OFF?


  Graham. 16:06 16 Jan 2008

Then you may have a fault (or two) on your system.

If the calls are only going to the extension designated for night service, there may be a programming error.

The calls may be genuine, but your system is failing to handle calls from ISDN lines.

I suggest you make test calls to all the DDI numbers, and all the main lines. To do the latter, hold successful calls until you get engaged tone.

See if you have a contact who has ISDN lines, ask them to make test calls.

Of course, your maintenance people should do all this for you. If you quote me, they will take more notice.

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