How do you stop Aol Spy Zapper???

  Sabi 21:27 14 Apr 2007

Hi Everyone;

I wonder if anyone knows how to stop the Aol"Spy Zapper" from appearing all together?

Every time I switch on my laptop, the stubborn anti spyware comes on! It is useless as it never finds any thing just slow down the computer!

I think I have disabled it from the "start up" programs but I still can't get rid off it!

I will be grateful for your advice.

Many thanks


  rdave13 21:31 14 Apr 2007

If you don't want SpyZapper to check for spyware and other programs that can interfere with your online experience, you can easily turn it off.
1. Go to AOL® Keyword: SpyZapper.
2. On the SpyZapper - Settings screen, click Do not block any programs; do not check my computer.
3. Click Save. SpyZapper will stop checking your computer for the specific spyware and other programs that can interfere with your online experience.

Turning off SpyZapper does not turn off AOL Spyware Protection from conducting regular scans.

  Jake_027 21:35 14 Apr 2007

If you want to get rid of AOL Spyware protection as well, it is listed in add/remove in control panel. I did as it interfered with itunes, and I haven't had a problem since. There are plenty of free, less resource hungryu alternatives available. also, if you do not use the main aol program there is an easier way to connect which does not slow down your pc so much, post back if you're interested.


  Sabi 21:42 14 Apr 2007

Hi Rdavel;

Thanks for your reply.

The option for "Do not block any programs; do not check my computer" is already ticked!!

That was the first thing I did but still can't stop it!! It is most annoying!

Do you know any other ways?

Many thanks


  baldtaco 21:46 14 Apr 2007
  Sabi 21:53 14 Apr 2007

Thanks Jake;

I might do that. But what puzzles me is; why this useless spyware can not be stopped or disabled through "keyword" or "start up program"!!!!


I have "ATF Cleaner" doesn't that do the same job as the one in the link you sent?


  baldtaco 00:28 15 Apr 2007

Sabi hola,

First I have to declare I'm partially familiar with one and not at all with the other, but -

As I perceive it they are very different. The thing I linked to is specifically for removing software. It's raison d'etre was originally to remove crud software that comes installed on Dell machines, although it's scope now exceeds that. As you will have noticed it is capable of scraping off AOL stuff from a machine, but whether that targets all instances of AOL such as the "Spy Zapper" feature is beyond me. I've never had dealings with AOL. I figured if the bang was big enough it may well do it. I ran that tool just out of curiosity and it simply reported I had nothing installed matching the list of things it could remove.

As for the ATF Cleaner, that I just had to look up, and it seems a completely different can of worms. Essentially it is just a cache, prefetch, temp file, blah blah clean up utility in the manner of ccleaner.

  baldtaco 11:10 15 Apr 2007


I got curious, you'll love this :-/

"I changed the preferences in AOL's spyzapper to "do not scan" and clicked on save, then I went to every file associated with OptScan - all files found in the AOL folder at C:\Windows\All Users\Application Data\AOL, and also the OptScan.exe file located at C:\Program Files\America Online 8.0 (or whatever version of AOL you have) - and changed the file properties to "read only", and rebooted my computer. I signed on to AOL, and so far OptScan has not run, and my computer has not frozen, and when I check the preferences at AOL keyword spyzapper - my option of "do not scan" is actually saved now.

I am not sure if the OptScan doesn't run is because the program cannot run, or because "read only" status allows my preferences in AOL's spyzapper program to actually be saved. Either way, it has not bothered me since (at least so far...). Best I can figure, if OptScan is spyware, then AOL is the spy. :lol:

I am not able to delete these files, that would only undo all the hoops I have had to jump through to get this thing to leave me alone, as it would just come back as before, but at least I can use my computer. I am at this point seriously considering throwing AOL out with the trash. :mad:"

refs: click here click here and the quote above is from here - [post #10] click here

good luck amigo

  rdave13 11:27 15 Apr 2007

Found this..Double-click the AOL Spyware Protection icon on your desktop.
Click the Settings tab.
Click the Actively scan files for new potential spyware box to clear it.
Click the X in the upper right corner to close the AOL Spyware Protection window click here

  Sabi 16:00 15 Apr 2007

Hello boldtaco;

Thanks for all your help and the info you sent:)
I use AOL 9 , I suppose it shouldn't make a difference. I only need to find some courage first...!! (terrified of computers but need to them!!)


Thank you too :-)
I checked the setting in "Aol spy protection" the first two box ("install updates automatically when they are available" and "Actively scan files for new potential spyware")were already ticked!
I don't need to un- tick the "Actively scan file etc" do I??

Many thanks


  Terry Brown 16:07 15 Apr 2007

If you need more control over what starts up on your computer, may I suggest Starter.exe from Codestuff. It is a free program and shows all(as far as I know)programs that autostart with the option to turn them off, and on again if you change your mind.

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