How do you refresh a network?

  skeletal 11:40 04 Jul 2008

A really easy question for anyone who understands networks:

Where do I find a “Refresh network” button on Windows XP Home/Media Centre/Professional?

I ask, because I often have my laptop linked to my desktop; I then hibernate them both, take my laptop elsewhere, use it, but because it can’t communicate with the desktop all the network settings are lost. When I un-hibernate both, most times I cannot see the laptop in Explorer/My Network places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/Home.

Pressing F5 does not work and I can’t see an icon or anything by right clicking.
View/Refresh does not seem to do anything!

Starting the wizards is madness because all the settings are already there (and is such a pain I’m bound to get it wrong a wreck everything).

Rebooting the machines when they are in range makes it work (but is stupid, obviously).

Sync toy always works because they must have set it to re-make the link.



  mikesuther 16:09 04 Jul 2008

in the box down by the clock there is a icon that is for the network. if you right click on the icon and open profiles then click the refresh button this should do what you wish. I have a couple of questions which may be pointless but here goes anyway. you say you connect the laptop to the pc, how do you do that is it by a ethernet cable or usb. Second is if you have a modem have you considered a wireless router. you could connect the pc hardwire to the router and the laptop to the wireless the advantage is that you should not encounter the problem again.

  skeletal 17:16 04 Jul 2008

Thanks mikesuther.

To answer your questions:

I have a wireless router that the PC is connected to via an Ethernet cable. All other laptops (and another desktop) are connected to the PC, and each other, via the wireless network.

As I said, everything works from a fresh boot up, but not from a hibernation.

I know the icon to which you refer, but it is not showing on my PC (I seem to remember doing something to remove it as I hate icons/running processes down there).

BUT, my laptop one is there and I did as you say. It opens up “Network Connections” which is the same as via the Windows Start button.

Assuming that’s what you mean, what is the “refresh button”? There is one that looks like refresh (a curved arrow), but hovering the mouse it says “Undo”, not “refresh”.

This may be the root cause of my problem; you may be telling me that “Undo” means “Refresh”??


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