How do you print on a say 6x4 or 7x5 Photo Gloss P

  Giggle n' Bits 22:41 20 Oct 2004

I posted earlier and asked but worded my question badly.

I want to know the correct way to print photo size on photo gloss paper. Using an Epson Colour 440 at moment. I set the printer settings to Gloss paper and the size to 4x6 and it prints a tiny bit misses loads then starts printing at the other end of the 6x4 paper I put in the printer.

I use MS Works suite Picture it 01

I was recommended Infra view but why carn't a popular software like Microsoft Picture do this

  D G 11:27 21 Oct 2004

I 'm using xp and I just use the photo printing wizard that's on the computer. DG

  Giggle n' Bits 13:14 21 Oct 2004

Where in XP is the Photo Printing Wizard please.
I will look but incase I do not find can you please navigate me towards it.

Thank U Again.

  D G 16:01 21 Oct 2004

Hi BlueEyes If you go into my picture folder> down the left hand column >picture tasks the option to print pictures opens the photo printing wizard.
hope this helps. DG

  Giggle n' Bits 00:18 22 Oct 2004

Will try that. I shall report back after having a dable.

  hugh-265156 01:15 22 Oct 2004

have you changed caridgiests reciently? has this just started to happen? have you run a nozzle check test or cleaning cycle lately?

have you checked, if you have XP 'start/control panel/printers and faxes' then right click your printer here and select 'properties/printing preferences' and set your preferences here and save it.

the software i use to print photos is very easy to use, its called paint shop pro and you can download a full free 30 day trial click here? it has templates for most common sizes of photo print that you can choose from like 6x4 or 5x7 8x10 etc. very easy to use for correcting and printing photos and not bad either when you get good at it and want to do more, if you dig a bit deeper into what it can do. well worth the money in my opinion.

worth a download anyway.

ps. if using different software or checking your settings doesnt help then try re installing your drivers for the printer maybe from epson click here , failing that click here and select 'europe/uk/stylus C series/other models' and select 'uk' again and then 'colour 440' and see if the help wizard helps you.

if not click here then click 'online diagnosis' under the troubleshooting tab. and test or you you are still having problems click here its free and they are very helpful.

  hugh-265156 01:18 22 Oct 2004

sorry about the spelling errors

  cherria 08:39 22 Oct 2004

I used to have th same problem, spent hours trying to fix it, still ended up with a white boarder around the photo and the colours were never quite right without lots of adjustment then I found click here whose digital photo service if truly excelent and at 12 pence per photo it is cheaper than the stationery you need print your own. Photo quality is first class as well.

For my two pence worth, don't bother printing them yourself!

  anchor 09:11 22 Oct 2004

I endorse the comments made by cherria; Bonusprint is very good. I tried them out recently following a free offer in a digital camera magazine, and was impressed with quality and service.

I only print them myself now when I want instant copies.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:47 22 Oct 2004

Looking at Paint Shop Pro to be most usefull.
Will have to give it a try as I know many people now I hear the name use it themselves. I actually have this Paint Shop Pro think its v8 or 7

So anyone know will P.P.Pro v7 or higher will run on XP Home ?

  hugh-265156 17:47 22 Oct 2004

yes both versions 7 and 8 will work ok with xp.

get any updates from click here? for your version.

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