how do you manually arange icons in win xp

  Ballie 11:52 05 Sep 2009

I have folders that contain m/s word docs, photos, pdf's etc.

How can I manually arange the icons for each doc, pdf etc to an order I want then ti STAY in that folder.

I can manually arange them as icons, tiles or thumbs but when you swithch back to list view they all change from what you had them as. When you look at "Arrange icons by" it only allows you to choose "name, size, type or modified"

Is there a way of the user being in control of this?

  GaT7 12:19 05 Sep 2009

When you right-click in the folder, selecting 'Arrange Icons By', de-select the 'Auto Arrange' parameter. G

  Ballie 12:31 05 Sep 2009

Crossbow7, thanks, but that works in the icons, tiles or thumbs view but as soon as you switch back to list view it changes them all around again!

  GaT7 12:40 05 Sep 2009

Yes, it's not possible in List view unfortunately - a Windows' limitation I'm afraid. G

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