How do you make a disc start?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:42 23 Aug 2004

i have adobe encore dvd & acrobat pro and want to make a bak up disc that runs like the original,

i have transfered it all to anther disc and burned it,
my problem is when i put the disc in, it doesnt run, its just the fies and folders.
How do i get it to run like the original does when i put it in the puter?



  pc moron 15:06 23 Aug 2004

You need an Autorun.inf file on the CD- you can create one in Notepad.

Here's an example:


Where CDSTART.EXE is the name of the program you want to auto-run when you insert the CD.

  Stuartli 15:06 23 Aug 2004
  pc moron 15:19 23 Aug 2004

OPEN=CDSTART.EXE should be immediately under the [autorun].

  woodchip 15:30 23 Aug 2004

You should use the Copy Disc feature in NERO

  Stuartli 17:35 23 Aug 2004

In the Nero Help link I provided, it clalry and specifically states that it is a Microsoft feature and not available with its CD recording software.

It also provides a link on how to achieve it.

  Stuartli 17:36 23 Aug 2004

Should read "clearly".

Keyboard has a mind of its own today...:-(

  Stuartli 17:39 23 Aug 2004

But no doubt ZEROTOLERANCE will keep this thread gathering postings for as long as possible....:-))

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:16 23 Aug 2004

ok im back, sorry bit of an emergency cropped up.

right, i iv d/l'ed the auto run wizard and im going to give that a go first, if its no good il try the oter method, for which il be back for more assistance



  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:29 23 Aug 2004

by the way; stuartli, re:

no doubt ZEROTOLERANCE will keep this thread gathering postings for as long as possible....:-))

no one finds your comments funny, and for someone who is repeatedly having a go at me for being rude, i suggest you stop making silly childish remarks in my threads.
As i have said before, if you cannot be constructive in your comments on any problems i may have,

please dont bother at all.


  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:52 23 Aug 2004

great programme, but ive a question,

if i put 2 progs on the disk, and put auto runs on for both, will they start in turn after [the oters finished], or will they both try to start at once.


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